Tuesday 3 May 2016

MSC – Mentoring, Support and Coaching

MSC – Mentoring, Support and Coaching

Quote of the day

‘Dear Friends, you cannot reinvent the wheel. To succeed in life, you would need MSC. You need the right mentoring that is worth remembering. You need the right support that provides you with a full report and a reasonable purport. You need the right coaching when you are approaching the finish line.’

Welcome to Tuesday, the 2nd day of your working week. Today I want to talk about MSC. MSC stands for Mentoring, Support and Coaching. To succeed in life, you need to be mentored by someone that has succeeded before. Such a mentor should always be able to teach you things that are easy to remember. A mentor guides you through the rough terrains in life and defines the purpose of your life in easy strides. A mentor is your chosen teacher to walk you through the distant fields of knowledge and the open space of time. A mentor advises you of what is really right and of course of what is really wrong. Such guidelines are important for your overall success. Having the right support is having the right encouragement throughout your worldly life. Help is sometimes difficult to find. A support program should provide you with the right tools of the trade. Such tools can be likened to a palette for the artist or callipers for the mathematician or a microscope for the scientist. Coaching is a vital necessity to succeed because you are driven to succeed by someone that has already succeeded. You are pushed to the limits and your passion and desire are extended beyond belief. A coach watches your progress daily and has the right approach to see you reach the pinnacle of your success. You could say that a mentor expands the horizon of your mind whereas a coach expands the horizon of your agility. Dear Friends during the course of May we shall look individually at MSC. It is a technique that really works. Have a great evening and always remember M is for Mentoring, S is for Support and C is for Coaching.

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