Friday 27 May 2016

My Devotion to you is like an Ocean of Harmonic Potion.

My Devotion to you is like an Ocean of Harmonic Potion.

Quote of the day

‘The notion of a worry that vexes your day or your life needs to be suppressed by a prescribed potion. This is my role, to be devoted to you and provide you daily with an Ocean of Harmonic Potion.’

Welcome to the last day of the last full working week of May 2016. We are just four days away from the end of the month. June is deemed the month of Selectivity. More about this next week. Today I want to take this opportunity to clarify my role. I am self-employed and earn a satisfactory living from my business ventures. A portion of my income for the past 21 years goes to charities. Despite my hectic working day which in my case scenario is 24/7, I always find the time to write articles to motivate my friends from around the world. This I do with love and with sincere devotion. It is a service that I do not charge a penny for because it was a service that I received 21 years ago. This service came to me in the form of a revelation which I still call an ‘Elevation from a Revelation.’ It was a free service. I did not pay a penny for it, therefore I do not charge a penny for my love and devotion to you. I tapped into the Universe which I call The Extranet. Like the Internet I was able to browse the Extranet daily for answers to all my problems. I then realised that problems around the world are the same. Generally, they boil down to two fundamental quantum called dollars and cents. Whether you are in a relationship, leadership, membership, ownership, courtship, dealership or a partnership problem, the common denominator will always be dollars and cents. You may not see it but it is there. You may not feel it but it is always here.  You may not identify it but it hovers above you. I say onto you and verily too, don’t lose hope for there is always a divine way to cope. Over the last two decades I have provided my friends from around the world with job and business opportunities that changed their lives. Again dollars and cents are the limiting factor in our equation. If we want to venture into something money will always restrict us. Therefore, in 1994 I created EEC, which stands for Economical Education Countrywide. Today my capacity has changed as a result of the expansion of the Internet. I now formed The UFA, which stands for The Universally Friendly Academy where I source study materials from professional friends and create a platform for you to study without paying the Earth. University Fees in the UK are around £50K. That is a lot of money to outlay and in most cases people cannot find work when they graduate. At UFA, I created courses in all categories for as little as £29.95 post free. I call it personal and private tuition for the personal and Private connoisseur. Many of my friends around the world can now change their lives at a click of a button irrespective of their problems. It all starts with Inspiration. Inspiration is like the early morning Sun gleaming with life at the foothills of a new day. To capture inspiration you need to be inspired with relevant energy pockets that carry you onto a new dimension. Every problem that each individual faces is different but the common denominator is that it is always solvable. Inspiration makes you aware, inspiration makes you care, inspiration makes you share, inspiration makes you fair and inspiration makes you prepare. Seek Inspiration first and then Motivation will follow. Whatever your problem is it can be resolved. If you need that extra bit of help, then open the doors to UFA. Browse through the vast archive of courses and chose something to help you. Finally comes Dedication. As a dedicated and devoted mentor I shall be by your side each day helping you to cross the hurdles in your life. Have a great Friday. Go well and always do well. Always remember IMD. Inspiration first, Motivation second and Dedication third.

PS: In June, the month of Selectivity you will have access to The UFA Centre and access to The Databank Times. At The UFA Centre you will have access to over £200K worth of useful courses to help you. In The Databank Times you may advertise your services for free or sell your unwanted items for free. There will be access to information videos worth over £50K. Finally, there will be an opportunity for you to sell Universally Friendly Products if you choose to do so. I am looking forward to it. Always read my blogs at and for updates and free gifts.

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