Thursday 4 August 2016



Quote of the day

Meditation Elevates Dreamers Into Transcendence, Alleviating Tension, Illness, Oppression and Negativity.’

A very, very warm welcome to the final day of the 1st working week of August 2016. I hope and pray that your working was fully accomplished and fulfilled. To achieve 100% accomplishment and fulfilment I suggest Meditation on a daily basis and the best and proven way to do this is in the early hours of the morning. We are all dreamers, conjuring up the perfect strategy to make our working week a successful one. We all know that a private weekend awaits us as a reward for our hard and consistent work. Working weeks can be quite stressful as we all know. The demands of modern life can put undue stress on all of us. To help us to overcome such noted stress we need to consider meditation. Meditation is the ancient science of concentration directed in particular to spirituality. There are many ways to meditate but there is only one time to meditate, and that is in the very early hours of the morning. Meditation is about concentration and in order to concentrate or focus on the subject in hand you need no distractions. Meditation enables you to understand your purpose in life and creates a conduit between you and the heavens above. In this subtle state of mind where you experience complete peace and tranquillity your concentration levels are extremely high. This technique employs breathing in a positive way, inhaling the goodness of life and exhaling the badness of life. In this state of meditation, we become focussed. We begin to understand our mind and we begin to understand how important it is to relax. As we meditate our mind floats into a state of ambience which many refer to as transcendence. We realise how important our life really is. All these apparitions become visible as we inhale the wonders of life. We cognate perfection with conviction and then seek to overcome imperfection thereafter. We acknowledge a divine presence and therefore react with grace. We experience a sense of wholeness and generally can unite the body, mind and soul as one. When we meditate we alleviate pain caused from Tension, Illness, Oppression and Negativity. With our eyes closed we can travel across the cosmos experiencing life in all its glory and splendour. Meditation reminds us of our existence and it enables us to serve unselfishly as human beings living in a modern world. You need to breathe in deeply and feel the rush of positive ions into your body like tiny raindrops from the heavens above.  You need to breathe out intensely with the sole intent of removing the sadness that can inflict us and the madness that can convict us. Dear Friends, start your day with Meditation. Empty your bladder and bowels, wash your face and gargle your mouth and sip a hot lemon drink. Stretch your arms and legs, wiggle your toes, gasp a puff of freshness and clasp a column of frankincense to cleanse the air. Sit in a comfortable position preferably on the floor and meditate without a trace of distractions. Do this from today and watch how tomorrow shall feel, look and appear from the horizon. Have a wonderful weekend.

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