Monday 22 August 2016

Memories – Part 1

Memories – Part 1

Quote of the day

‘Memories are referral documentaries that consist of diaries, babies, communities, possibilities, galleries, thirties, forties, fifties, sixties, seventies, eighties, nineties, stories, glories and opportunities.’

Welcome to the 22nd day of August 2016. Thank you for sharing your time with me and to be inspired to broaden your horizon. Today I want to reflect on Memories, the subtle folder of our lives that can turn bleak moments into unique moments. What today holds for us can only be undertaken by referral. Good memories of our lives helps us immensely to cope with today’s adversaries. We cannot know exactly what challenges lies ahead of us but what we can do is use our skills to meet them. Our acquired skills come from years of experience, as we learn we also need to do a good turn. We need to create good memories for other people in the same way that they created wonderful memories for us. Memories are referral documentaries for us to use when we encounter adversaries in our lives. Memories over the years are collectively made up of unique folders, each folder representing an archive of knowledge. These folders could be just a few or they could be many. Today I would like to talk about some of these folders. The 1st Folder is called Diaries. Diaries are also made up of sub-folders. Each sub-folder representing a year in your life. A year in your life consists of 365 irreplaceable days with each day giving you 86,400 seconds. This is the annual value of your life bubbling with zest from the first second. 21 years ago I created a very unique Diary called Destinations. Destinations was a Diary that was divided into volumes, each volume representing one year in your life. As you input experiences in your day you are actually compiling an archive of valuable information. It is this information that will help you to meet the next second in your life. The second folder is called Babies. We all become parents and as we do we create life to create joys in life. A Baby is the imprint of your love for life and if you raise such a child with fondness, kindness and gentleness you shall create the greatest memories ever. The next folder is about your Community. You need to be part of your Community because good communities create strong opportunities and strong unities. Look for annual activities in your community, partake in them and enrich your community with beauty. A safe community is better for all. Better Communities create better opportunities and possibilities. Know your neighbours by their names. Start at home by setting examples for others to follow. Each segment of your participation makes you contented rather than tormented. Part 2 of this article concludes tomorrow. Start building good memories and used to make the next second of your life better. 

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