Friday 5 August 2016

Rio 2016

RIO 2016 Olympics

Quote of the weekend

‘The Creative resonance of the Rio 2016 Olympics Games makes us realise the importance of our roles on Earth. It is all about Remembrance, Importance, Obedience, Observance, Luminance, You, Magnificence, Perseverance, Intelligence, Cognisance and Significance.’

Welcome to a splendid weekend filled with the awning of universal celebration. The RIO Olympics reminds us of this. Today I would like to remind us of the difficulties the world is experiencing and what we can do as individuals to alleviate the hardships. Using the words RIO OLYMPICS, eleven power words come to mind. The first word is Resemblance. Yes, Resemblance helps us to create similarities with the perfect world and the imperfect world. The Perfect world is likened to The Garden of Eden, where tranquillity is the constant metaphor to remind us of who we really are. The Imperfect World is what we created where we kill, maim, destroy, damage, abuse, neglect, poach, eliminate and waste. These imperfections always confuse us to who we really are, what we really are and how crucial and vital our purpose in life is. The next word is Importance. Importance is the value of our life, the duration of our life and the purpose of our life. Without understanding our purpose, we cannot enact it correctly. As a result, we will always act incorrectly. The third word is Obedience. Obedience is a universal word to agree on something rather than disagree on most things. Disagreement reveals a world that is struggling, troubling, bumbling, fumbling and malfunctioning. The next word amongst eleven words is about Observance. It is important to take note of climate changes, weather changes, tidal changes and wind changes. Animals and plants depend on the weather to function in the mannerism assigned to them. Change the weather and you change them. Luminance is about taking the dullness out of the equation and adding brightness in our heart. This fires up our desire and passion to make individual changes to help the world spin about its axis correctly and eternally. The next word is YOU. Yes, what can you do, what can you say, what can you think and what can you contribute to make a difference. You are part of a crew that grew to over 7 billion people. You need to be true, accrue good habits, renew your vows and review your goals. This will make us all fall into a common mode and that is Magnificence. A magnificent lifestyle for all is one of splendour, grandeur and glory. It is hard to maintain a steady progress therefore we ALL need Perseverance. Perseverance is sheer determination to made good what went wrong. Perseverance illustrates your humane role to be devotional, exceptional, emotional, approachable and sociable. All of these attributes comes from experience. Experience is about collecting information. The more information you have the more Intelligence you will have. Cognisance is the direct result of becoming intelligent about the hardships in life. It makes you fully aware of depravity, poverty, inequality, monstrosity and atrocity. Finally, there is Significance. Significance justifies the importance of your existence. It makes you understand your humane role in life and what your contribution in life is worth. Dear Friends, use the Rio Olympics to remind you of 11 potent words that can make a difference, to you, them and the world at large.

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