Thursday 11 August 2016

The Foundations of Life - Part 1

The Foundations of Life

Quote of the day

‘Strong Creations create strong foundations in any aspect of your life. It is a simple strategy. Start by creating from your heart a pious projection into the next ten years of your life. This then reveals how you will structurally manifest, financially and morally. The next step is to lay your foundation brick by brick, highlighting every possible crack of misfortune that may occur and any crevice of possibilities that is likely over the next ten years. Struggling to visualise these cracks and crevices, then look back over the last ten years and all will be revealed.’

Application Quote

‘What is about to happen in the next the years as already happened in the past ten years. To ensure a strong foundation in the next ten years you need to reinforce possible cracks and crevices that may occur.’

Bonus Quote

‘To make your creation worthy and trustworthy use the power word FOUNDATION to help you. From it stems ten keywords to help you along your next ten years of triumph. These words are: Formation, Organisation, Utilisation, Neutralisation, Documentation, Appreciation, Transformation, Innovation, Occupation and Navigation.’

Welcome to Thursday, the 11th of August 2016. Today I want to talk about strengthening your foundation. Having a strong foundation will enable you to withstand any problems that may come your way. It is often hard to gauge what may come upon you but looking back over the last ten years will assist. Everything happens in cycles. In the past 100 years you can see defined cycles that are happening all the time. The golden rule is to learn from these cycles and observe current patterns to change, alter or amend your current foundation. Building a home on loose soil is just a temporary way to survive. In the next years your home will collapse under the financial and natural constraints that occurs. To ensure a solid foundation I suggest applying these keywords: Formation, Organisation, Utilisation, Neutralisation, Documentation, Appreciation, Transformation, Innovation, Occupation and Navigation. Formation is the starting point to your new decade.  Formation is about Creation. It is about creating a success plan to cater solidly for the next ten years. Creation comes from the ability to manufacture a resilient plan that works and stays working. To do this effectively you need Organisation. Organisation is about the arrangement of your day into manageable workloads that can be successfully accomplished and fulfilled at the end of it. Utilisation of your valuable 86,400 seconds is paramount to your overall success. Utilise every second wisely and you will be the wiser. To be effective at this you need Neutralisation.  Neutralisation in my books is best defined as the Science of removing and improving. You need to remove a bad temperament that can spoil your 86,400 seconds for example. To do this you need to improve your temperament. Part 2 follows tomorrow.

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