Sunday 28 August 2016

Common Denominators

Common Denominators

Quote of the day

‘To lubricate the running of your day you need to add common denominators which are: Decorators, Educators, Navigators, Operators, Moderators, Illustrators, Negotiators, Administrators, Translators, Originators, Regulators and Speculators.’

A very, very gracious welcome to a blessed Sunday, regretfully the last one of August 2016. Can you recall the last three Sundays in August 2016? Every Sunday should be a repeat of the previous one, to do this you need common denominators. The word DENOMINATORS is actually a power word consisting of twelve keywords to help regulate your weekends and your weekdays. The first word is Decorators. Decorating is about beautifying the landscape of your body, your mind and your soul. It is about adorning your life, especially during the weekends when you have time to pedicure, manicure and cure the overgrowths around you. Educators we all are, from dawn to dusk. As we learn we soon become teachers to others. Learning is wonderful, passing on knowledge is even better. Navigators we shall be, from dawn to dusk. We are pilots in our daily agenda navigating our way to accomplishment and fulfilment by the end of it. Can you imagine the mayhem if we wandered aimlessly in the corridors of life without a purpose, a strategy or a goal? Operators of the modern world we already are, from dawn to dusk. We steer, we veer, we change gear, we shear, we smear and we clear. We all have a career which we adhere to in an austere way. Some of us are cashiers, some use headgears, some are auctioneers, volunteers or engineers. Whatever we do we are operators of the modern world, from dawn to dusk. Do it well and everything shall be well. The next keyword is Moderators. Moderators are the peacemakers of the 21st Century. To make peace you need to be at peace. The world is meant to be peaceful, when you awake at the early hours of the morning you will see and understand the true meaning of peace. To transform peace into an aura of tranquillity and harmony you need to start at home. Whatever creases there are you need to iron them out. Illustrators we all are, from dawn to dusk.  Illustrators are not confined to pen and paper or brush and paint but demonstrate through gentle strokes of action and eloquent use of words. Negotiators we certainly can become, from dawn to dusk. You don’t have to be a diplomat of your country. You can start by being a representative of your community, a speaker in your parish or a mediator at home. The next keyword is Administrators. Administrators are the managers of their domain. They embrace the earth with love, gentleness and kindness. They sieve the soil of any spoils, they live their life with love, they are very forgiving for any misgiving and they give liberally back to the earth. Translators we all are, from dawn to dusk. We translate the unknown into the known and we decode delicate codes into more manageable workloads. We decipher the meaning of life into a more purposeful application. We are able to convert a bad moment into a good moment. Are we Originators of the 21st Century. I think that we are. We are the makers, the designers, the discoverers and the inventors. Snap your fingers and lights come on, wiggle your toes and you can accelerator or decelerate, open your mouth and you can turn sound waves into electric signals. You are an Originator. Your home reflects this. Your friends respect you and your family will have an effect on you. You are the result of your actions. Regulators we are, traitors we are not. Creators of peace we shall always be, dictators and haters we shall never become. Curators of the modern world we must become, agitator and demonstrators we should never become. Dear Friends, can you see a pattern. Why do things go wrong? Why do we sometimes feel sullen? We need to look for common denominators. Always use these 12 keywords in your day to day affairs and apply it whenever you can. The final keyword is Speculators. We are all Speculators. We all want to prosper therefore we take chances. Before you do I want you to think of common denominators first. Doing so will make you take the least amount of risk before you venture into something. I wish you a tremendous Sunday and I look forward to grace your wonderful presence on this inspirational channel tomorrow.

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