Saturday 6 August 2016

The Scent of Life

The Scent of life

Quote of the day

‘The Scent of Life is 100% percent from the heavens above. From it you give accent to the most important things in life such as your wife and your children. It makes you invent today like never before. It gives you the intent to do well. It helps you to prevent mistakes that can affect your life. It augments your passion and desire to live. It allows you to ascent the greatest hurdles in your life. It makes you represent yourself to the world with a smile and with a cheer. It makes you cement bad relationships to create better ones. It makes you content in your heart, mind and soul. It makes you the President of your affairs. It forms an advent to a new era in your life where you start counting down to something big, something new and something worth pursuing. It makes you less discontent when things go wrong. It makes you segments your day into meaningful tasks. It makes you a frequent doer of good deeds. It makes you value every cent in your life. It helps you to remove the torment and lament from your life. Start your day by inhaling the scent of life. Do it today, do it tomorrow and continue to do it for the rest of your eternal.’

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