Tuesday 30 August 2016

The Doors without any flaws

The Doors without any flaws

Quote of the month

‘Always tap the door that narrows the gap to Success. Open doors that bring rays of hope. Shut doors that lead nowhere. Slam the doors to inhibitions. Unlock the door that brings opportunities. Lock the door to the gremlins in your life.’

A very warm welcome to a new and riveting working week as we close all unfinished matters and open new ones. It is good as ever to have you on board, on a journey of peace, success and happiness. We are on a cruise ship that travels to an annual destination where success becomes a norm and happiness keeps you warm. We all run into trouble but today I want to remind you that you can lessen your burdens and close the curtain to constant failure. What you must remember is that you are in charge of your life. You hold the keys to success. You can open and close, turn it off or on, fill something or empty something, you can stop or go and you can gain with less strain. It is all about being the commander of your body, mind and soul. Letting other people make decisions for you is futile. Always open doors that lead somewhere rather than nowhere. Such a door can be difficult to find but at least you know that you are looking. Some doors cannot be opened, if so leave it along. Would you attempt to open a door that is locked? There are many doors to opportunities in life. Some doors are challenging whilst others are not. You cannot open all doors at once. If you go to the supermarket would you purchase every item or would you buy according to your list. Likewise try to open doors that are relevant to your needs. Sometimes we need to let rays of hope flood the negative aura that we are often exposed to. Such a door is labelled Inspiration. When you need Inspiration open the door of inspiration with immediate effect.  Like nectar to a bee you will be attracted with what you see, smell and touch. How does a bee lose its trail? Such a bee confuses colour and lands on a door that was just a brightly coloured fabric. Opening the wrong door can lead you to confusion. It is hard to slam the door on someone, neither is it easy to keep the gremlins away. It is often better to try rather than fry. Whenever you have that unique feeling open the doors to opportunities. You don’t need to enter it but at least you know that it is out there. I wish you a very happy start to the final working week of August. Take good care.

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