Saturday 27 August 2016



Quote of the day

‘The feeling of rejection is probably the most negative response an individual could be subjected to. Rejection is sometimes life threatening and quite debilitating to an innocent victim.’

Application Quote

‘We are indeed human beings born to serve with all our heart and with all our strength. If a sense of rejection comes upon us in an unforeseen way, we need to implement the DIPS concept.’

The DIPS Concept suggests that you analyse the Direction of the Rejection and then follow on with an Inspection of the Rejection. Doing this forms, a psychological armour of Protection around you enabling you to implement an act of discreet Selection. Welcome to your weekend of private relaxation and rest. It is sadly the last weekend of August 2016 and a wonderful one too, may I add. Today, I want to talk about Rejection and how it can affect you in different situations.  All human beings have taken on the role of bullies and sadly the ‘Bully Syndrome’ does not stop at school. Bullies wear woollies to scare you, bullies create casualties, bullies exercise cruelties at all levels, bullies pick on people with disabilities, bullies have in-built hostilities within them, bullies create enemies, bullies disrupt friends and families, bullies can create fatalities, bullies can inflict undue injuries, bullies exist in all societies and bullies fills your mind with worries. If you are feeling a sense of Rejection you will find that a bully is behind it. A bully hides within a click and picks on you rather quick. I say onto you and verily too when you feel a sense of rejection at home, at work, at school or on the streets always adopt the DIPS concept. As a Universal Friend your goal in life is to care, share and remain fair. Therefore, you need to show by example, lead by example and live by example. You need to analyse the Direction of the Rejection. Looking ahead helps you to do this. It enables you to be vigilant and alert of possibilities and impossibilities. Bullies are driven by their temperament, you simply cannot augment their moods. You need to do an Inspection. You may need some help here. Inspection is the Science of Examination. You are feeling Rejection and it hurts, it really does. As a meritocratic Goal Setter such a Rejection stalls your progress. Examination makes you understand that you need to let go. You need to let bygones be bygones. You need to exercise avoidance rather than pursuance. A bully at school can be used as a classic example. You know the direction of the bullying which is either in the corridors or in the playground. Once you found the direction you need to avoid the confrontation. This is where Inspection is required. Where is safe for me to be? You need to move to a safer zone and to be amongst other students rather than on your own. You need to flow rather than walk tiptoe, you need to show that you are not slow and neither are you a dynamo. You must always remember that you are here on planet Earth as a certified servant of our Heavenly Father. Such an understanding makes you live with confidence and filled with acceptance. Nothing will come in your way if you believe in yourself. This is what I call the psychological Protection. Finally, you need to apply the Act of Discreet Selection. To understand this, you need to understand that all human beings are deemed your friends. All human beings are swayed by their temperament. Therefore, you need to be on your guard. Avoid the bad mannered individuals, show kindness for the unemployed and the paranoid and understand the ones that are annoyed. The art of Selection enables you understand a variety of different problems in life that can cause inhibitions in your life. Dear friends, if you feel a sense of Rejection always apply the DIPS concept. It has worked effectively for me in the last 21 years. Soon I hope to run classes on the various concepts that I teach. I hope that you will find it invigorating.

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