Friday 26 August 2016

Limitless Passion and Desire

Limitless Passion and Desire

Quote of the day

‘Seek limitless Love, Inspiration, Motivation, Ideas, Tolerance, Longevity, Eternity, Success and Serenity and you will find true Passion and Desire.’

Welcome to the last working day of another working week in August and sadly, the final one too. Did you fare well in August and are you ready to say farewell to a stupendous month of hyperactivity? Are you lacking Passion and Desire to make dreams come true and your goals to float above the surface of your imagination? To find true Passion and Desire you need to think Limitless. Now the word Limitless is actually a power word consisting of 9 keywords. These words are Love, Inspiration, Motivation, Ideas, Tolerance, Longevity, Eternity, Success and Serenity. Love is a melody of happiness, it is tender, pure, divine, genuine and friendly. If you can seek Love wholeheartedly then you are instilling the seeds to passion and desire. Inspiration comes for free. It rains inspiration from the heavens above and gently lands on your shoulders. Such a drench should actually quench your thirst for true passion and desire, using a psychological wrench Motivation then follows. Motivation is action stimulated by Inspiration. Motivation is when you see Passion and Desire flow through your body, if you cannot then go back and start again. You can only effectively act if you are submerged in a bed of related ideas. Ideas comes from Aspiration. Aspiration is about your collective goals built up over the years, some active and others dormant.  Why your goals generally float around your imagination is that we lack true passion and desire to pursue them. You got to follow the rules. Start to LOVE, reach for INSPIRATION, spur MOTIVATION into action, gather your IDEAS and then develop TOLERANCE. Tolerance is needed in every aspect of life, the farmer knows this and caters for adverse setbacks. The Commuter is aware of this too and allocates plan A or B as a backup. You simply need to be tolerant. You need to be patient when the harvest is slow, you need to be accepting when the trains are delayed. Dear Friends, with true passion and desire is within you only then will you appreciate the value of your life. You will want to live on and on for years to come. Therefore, Longevity and Eternity are your ultimate goals. Longevity ensures that you live onto the full duration of your centennial life on Earth. Eternity carries you from one galaxy to another in different time zones and in different circumstances to suit your needs. Once you established all of these keywords in the right sequence you would have found your success. It is very hard to say that I am successful or that you are successful. Success is not merited according to one’s finances but rather to one’s goals. If you reached the rung of success step by step you will know that you have found it because your success will be measured by your serenity. A person without a single possession could deem himself or herself successful.  A Hare Krishna Devotee as an example will easily say that he or she is successful because they have found their serenity. Serenity is that tranquillity where you are in tune with nature, where you are elevated into the realms of Creation. You can switch off from the material world and float into a spiritual one endowing yourself with wisdom and knowledge. Follow the rules in the right sequence and you shall reach your destination with the least amount of problems. Have a wonderful Friday, you really deserve it.

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