Monday 29 August 2016

Bank Holiday Monday

Welcome to Bank Holiday Monday. Did you enjoy your day or shall I say the long weekend? Today I give you four Quotes to ponder on. They are new, inspiring and highly motivational. Try to ponder on them tonight and I shall provide you with their purports in the next few days.

Quote of the month

‘Tap the door that narrows the gap to Success. Open doors that bring rays of hope. Shut doors that lead nowhere. Slam the doors to inhibitions. Unlock the door that brings opportunities. Lock the door to the gremlins in your life.’

Quote of the new working week

‘The umbrella of hope carries your horoscope of the future. In this aura of magical scent comes forth a unique individual that has character, traits and ambition. To succeed you need to believe. To avoid failure, you need to implement.’

Quote of the Bank Holiday

‘Never bank on probabilities. Always be frank about your needs and then start on a blank canvas to crank your first application and that usually is your first step.’

Quote of the working week

‘Deliver your best whether it is downriver or upriver. Be a giver in the same mannerism as you are a receiver. Exercise constant punctuality, neutrality, a good mentality and a good sense of morality.’

Have a peaceful evening and may you dream about how wonderful life can become for you and your family.

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