Saturday 20 August 2016

The DIAL Syndrome

The DIAL Syndrome

Quote of the day

‘Dialling the wrong number will always make you Discriminate, Intimidate, Aggravate or Legislate. These facets of life are just time wasters. Always DIAL the right number that makes you feel Determined, Inspired, Aspired or Liberated.’

Bonus Quote

‘Always DIAL to make you smile, to go the extra mile, to develop a better profile and show elegant style.’

Welcome to your weekend, a period of 48 hours packed with fun, relaxation and joy. Never underestimate the benefits of your weekend. Enjoyed it, enjoy every second of it. Use it to revive your ambitions and use it to drive your goals to the next level. Sometimes during our weekends, we do tend to get side-tracked when the phone rings. Communication is good and communication can sometimes become bad. This is due to the DIAL Syndrome. Many of us are often deterred from answering our phone because we often end up with the DIAL Syndrome. The DIAL Syndrome works both ways. It could be a hoax call which can leave you feeling Discriminated, Intimidated, Aggravated or Legislated. It could also be a coax call which can leave you feeling Determined, Inspired, Aspired or Liberated. Communication is important but communication can also be a narration of poor translation. Telesales often leaves you feeling Discriminated, Intimidated, Aggravated or Legislated. They want to sell but repel you with their usual dispel. Communication is important because we need to talk rather than block, we need to understand rather than misunderstand. So when you DIAL always aim to make someone smile. You need to understand their feeling as well as your own. You need to go the extra mile to make the right conversation. Your narration must be applauded with a standing ovation. This helps to develop your profile and create a style that makes people want to talk with you. Be honest, be earnest, be the greatest, be the coolest, be modest, be the truest, be the simplest and always be the gentlest. Don’t DIAL to make someone to feel Discriminated, Intimidated, Aggravated or Legislated. Create friends, don’t create enemies. Don’t let someone slam the phone on you. Always remember the DIAL Syndrome. It works both ways.  Can you imagine slamming the phone down to someone that hurt you. Recall the last phone call that made you feel Discriminated, Intimidated, Aggravated or Legislated.  Discrimination is about mistreating another human being by forcing them into some form of treaty or contract. You simply don’t want this on you weekends. Intimidation is where a failed sales pitch turns to pressure and bullying. Most people surrender to this and take on the burden of something that they did not really need. Aggravation makes either party slam the phone down. This changes your mood swings and alters the happiness of your weekend. Legislation is about people creating their own rules and regulations such as mobile phone contracts, do you really need this. It is good to abide by the law but it is not good to accept rules and regulations that Companies impose on you. Ask them kindly to change their rules and regulations and they will say no. When dialling or answering the phone always remember the DIAL syndrome. I wish you a wonderful weekend free from harassing phone-calls.

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