Tuesday 2 August 2016

The SHARP Effect

The SHARP Effect

Quote of the day

‘The SHARP Effect enables you to remain Sharp in the months ahead of you. It employs several potent words that merges Success with Happiness and these words are Subtractive, Hyperactive, Active, Attractive, Reactive and Proactive.’

Greetings and Salutations to you on a wonderful day in August. I hope and pray that you are well enjoying every second of your wonderful life. Life is wonderful and therefore you need to be successful and happy every second of your centennial life on planet Earth. Today I want to talk about the SHARP effect because it is a technique that will help you merge success and happiness as one. One of the key techniques in life to become successful is to subtract from your daily grind things that makes you sad. If you take away the sadness, madness, evilness, wickedness, callousness, coldness, cheerlessness, destructiveness and the distastefulness from your life you will see an immediate difference. Doing this gives you extra time to focus on other important things, hence the hyperactive lifestyle where every penny counts and every second is paramount. Moving from the traditional active lifestyle to a hyperactive one makes you more attractive. An attractive person is more pleasing to be with, associate with and work with. An attractive person is always reactive to every second that passes them. The use of the word reactive in this instance implies being sensitive. When you are sensitive to life itself you immediately react by being thoughtful, sympathetic and understanding. With more time on your hands as a result of the above applications you can lead a more proactive life. A proactive life is one where every day is a learning experience and from experience comes a better day and a better person. Just think about this for one moment. In the hustle and bustle of your daily grind you tend to focus too much on what you can earn rather than what you can learn. Your project in life is to achieve success. During your day you may be happy just for the moment. Applying the SHARP Effect enables you to be Subtractive, Hyperactive, Active, Attractive, Reactive and Proactive. As a result, you merge success with happiness and live a more productive lifestyle. It removes inhibitions and makes you fill of ambitions. It makes you think like a logician rather than live like a magician. It gives you a mission in life, it removes the suspicions in life and it makes you work, live and act in the best of conditions. Thank you for finding the time to read this article. It forms a useful kick-start to a better and productive month in August.  

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