Tuesday 16 August 2016

Confidence Boosters

Confidence Boosters

Quote of the day

‘To enrich your day you need to constantly inoculate yourself with Confidence Boosters. These come in package sizes called CATS and consists of equal portions of Certainty, Assurance, Trust and Support.’

Welcome to the middle of August 2016. Are you well and basking in the glory of life in the way that it is meant to be? Today I would like to talk about Confidence Boosters. It is all about ensuring that you take 4 doses of Confidence Boosters a day to strengthen your sureness. Each dose if taken regularly will build your confidence in everything that you do, say or think. The first dose taken in the morning is called Certainty. At the crack of dawn, you need to be certain of your intention to make a new day work for you. You are a fine human being and cannot be allowed to be belittled by someone else. You have a job to do therefore you need to be sure about yourself. You need to maintain a positive attitude and hold a firm grip on your intentions to do well. The second dose is called Assurance. I suggest taking this at lunchtime. Assurance is the pledge that you make to yourself to deliver what you can and when you can. The world awaits your services or products and therefore you need to guarantee a good and reliable service or a worthy product. The third dose is to be taken at dinnertime and this is called Trust. You need to Trust yourself and stand by the decisions you make. People place reliance on your good character, your noted abilities and of course your earnest truth. Maintain your Trust and your strength will grow from shallow, to deep. You will conquer all your noted tasks and become a successful individual that the world takes note of. Finally, before you go to bed I need for you to take the final dose and that dose is called Support. Support is a vital tool for all human beings. It is an archive of information available to assist entrepreneurs to be successful and enduring. A mistake made today can easily be corrected tomorrow using Support. Support is about finding out ways of improving today’s performance to enhance tomorrow’s tasks. Dear Friends, you can do it. You can become confidence if you take your daily dose of CATS.

Bonus Quote

‘Confidence in people yields providence in communities. A strong community creates a strong nation and a strong nation creates a worthy population of noted Earthlings.’

Have a wonderful and peaceful evening, with love from your eternal friend - Anthony

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