Monday 8 August 2016

Personal Beauty

Beauty – Part 1

Quote of the day

‘It is your solemn duty to believe in your beauty. Always start your day remembering that you are truly beautiful, unselfishly bountiful, divinely graceful, remarkably wonderful, always resourceful, 100% successful and admirably cheerful.’

Welcome to the start of a new working week where everyone starts to get ready for a new beginning and a hopeful end. The angels pave the way to our glorious day, the birds tweet majestically to awaken our innermost passion and positive energy deluges the air. All you need to do is exhibit your innermost beauty and meet the world at the beginning of a new day and at the beginning of personal change. The platform to subsist already exists before you can open your eyes, now it is up to you to flow with the harmony of life. To effectively do this you need to believe solemnly in your innermost beauty. What you believe in is what you will see in the mirror of glory. Think like an angel and you will be like an angel. Walk with confidence and you shall be confident. Carry your paraphernalia of positive actions and you shall complete a day of positive accomplishments. Always remember that you are beautiful, from head to toe, from cell to cell and deep inside the chambers of your heart where your soul is linked. When the clock chimes at the crack of dawn, it is will be time for you to climb the wonderful world of opportunities. From such a world of opportunities you need to pluck from the opulence of your communities what you need in order to become bountiful. As you take you must give. Give love and you will get love. Give alms and you shall receive the palms of friendship and hope. Give attention to someone and you shall receive protection from everyone. Give a smile and you shall receive a lifestyle that is worthwhile.  It is important to remain divinely graceful. To be continued tomorrow.

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