Wednesday 3 August 2016


Think Pro

Quote of the day

‘Think Pro and the following accreditations will easily follow: Professionalism, Proactive, Producer, Proficient, Programmer, Projectionist, Prolific, Prominent, Property Owner, Prosperity, Protector and a Provider.’

Welcome to the 4th day of August. Our theme for today is to think Pro, Act Pro and be a Pro. It may seem rather a tall task but actually it is a very small task. Think big and you shall be big. Build a dream and you shall live your dreams. Have love in your heart and love will flow like blood in every part of your body. I want you to think Pro and attached to this Prefix comes 12 power words which can change your life for the common good. At the beginning of this wonderful month we spoke about merging success with happiness. Most people don’t. Thinking about being a Pro will help you merge success with happiness with that sudden urge and a noted surge. Being positive about yourself despite the negativity around you can change your day in an instance. Always think Pro. Thinking about being a Pro will help you understand the advantages of such an accolade. Firstly, there is Professionalism. Professionalism is your skill in a particular niche developed over the years from experience. The world needs your skill and when you know that you are in demand you automatically cognate success with happiness. The next step is to be Proactive. This evolves from the SHARP Effect which we discussed yesterday. Always remember that a Proactive individual is always active in a positive way. They always subtract negatives from their lives. The next phase of your life is to be a Producer of your unselfish goals. You start by creating valid dreams and then manufacture goals to realise those dreams. You need to be Proficient in all your affairs. Professionalism is a skill in a niche area, proficiency is about being capable in all areas. You need to address the way you speak, tweak, peak, critique, develop your technique, seek your prosperity, focus on your physique and so on. The next step to your glorious success and happiness is to be a Programmer. Now a Programmer is not limited to the IT industry. Programming is about planning, creating, instructing, advising, coordinating and accomplishing. To be an effective Programmer you need to be a good Projectionist. A Projectionist thinks of tomorrow and the day after. They live with awareness of possibilities and impossibilities. They analyse, sacrifice and try to be nice. To be Prolific means that you are serious about your life. It shows that you respect your time and your space. It illustrates that you are always Productive in mind, body and soul. Being Prolific makes you Prominent. People seek you from the weak to the meek because they know well that you show by example, lead by example and live by example. Dear Friends with such a mind-set you will be blessed with a Property of your own. Whatever you spent on rent is of little consequence when your ascent to fame matters. A home owner soon become a Proprietor of their domain and lives a life of Prosperity. That definitely sums up success with happiness. Now that you found your pot of gold it is time to be the Protector of your domain and of your family. To do this effectively you need to be an able Provider that can meet the demands of his or her domain. Think Pro, Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls. Always remember the Bakers dozen of 12 power words to help you along your journey.

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