Sunday 14 August 2016

The Parallelogram in your Life

The Parallelogram in your Life

Quote of the day

‘You need to change the definition of your vision to a higher definition with unlimited channels of opportunities, endless stations of inspiration and links to get you started. Your new vision box must be referred to as ‘The Parallelogram in your Life.’

Welcome to the most of peaceful day of the week, your very own Sunday. Thank you for finding the time to be inspired. I want to expand your horizon today by taking your current definition of life and promoting it to a higher definition. What is your definition of your life? Personally I think our lives has a fundamentally meaning and that is to serve our Heavenly Father. To serve in the humane way each day is clarity in itself. To care, to share and to remain fair is the clearness of our humane role. This role is not limited to the flora and the fauna but includes all human beings and our planet itself. It is simplicity at its core and not rocket science to make you snore. It is a Science called Lucidity where reason and logic flow mathematically with time and space. The overall meaning of our lives is classification. Once we understand the fundamental reason for our existence we need to then diverse into the classification of our existence. The former is not a choice but the latter is.  Many of us take on the latter choice with relative ease and some are forced to take on that choice as a result of their circumstances. This choice is usually started at the age of 18, when most of us complete our secondary education and move on. Classification is the Science of personal choice where Bakers, Makers, Takers, Shoemakers, Filmmakers, Caretakers and Money-makers are born. Sadly, in the process Troublemakers and Fakers also emerge. We spoke about the fundamental meaning of your existence before. Today I would like to explore the Classification of your Life and in the modern world we need to spruce it up to ‘The Parallelogram of your Life.’ Personally I think that this should be a subject at school where students are trained in the Art of Survival. ‘The Parallelogram of your Life’ is about understanding how to arrange your life into decades of activity, creativity and positivity. With modern technology and hopefully my help we need to switch our standard vision to a higher definition. We need to have unlimited channels of opportunities available to us at all times so that we can mould our intentions with better impressions. New doors of opportunities will then open, we need to sample from an ample range of incredible prospects available to all. We then need an endless stream of inspirational stations to lift us up when we feel down in the dumps. When times are tough we need to rough it out. When times are good we need to maintain a good mood. We need have access to positive links that makes us think when we struggle. Thinking is good. Thinking is about linking and vice versa. This is the prime objective of Universally Friendly to help find the right links for you. Have a wonderful and peaceful Sunday.

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