Sunday 7 August 2016

Endeavour forever

Endeavour forever

Quote of the day

‘Be clever, endeavour forever. Never say never. Endeavour whenever you can, wherever you can, however you can and whichever way you can.’

Welcome to a wonderful, peaceful and beautiful Sunday, the first of August 2016. It is good as ever to have you on board on a journey of inspiration and a voyage of motivation. Today our theme is about endeavouring to do, to say and to think. The word ENDEAVOUR reminds you of 9 potent words to set you in motion. These words are Exercise, Nutrition, Dream, Effort, Aspiration, Vision, Opportunities, Undertaking and Resistance. In the past 1700 articles that I wrote I included many power words to assist you in attaining your personal level of success. You have the choice to choose power words to suit your circumstances. If the word fits your circumstances use it with immediate effect. Today we shall use the word ENDEAVOUR. The first word in this sequence of letters is Exercise. Exercise is a fundamental chore of any human being, without such an inclusion in your daily agenda it will be like a driving a neglected motor vehicle. Exercising is a Science in itself consisting of carefully orchestrated isometrics to suit your age, fitness and gender. What follows like a trailer to a car is Nutrition. Exercise works hand in hand with Nutrition. You need to eat perfectly balanced meals, period. You need fibre to set you on fire, carbohydrates to maintain a steady growth rate and a healthy pulse rate, fats for the acrobats and vitamins for enlightenment. Although the above sentence rhymes it actually holds a valued meaning. It is all about balance. The higher your demands the greater are your needs. What an acrobat needs are not necessarily what you need. It is all about balance. The next word is to Dream. Dreams create a wonderful passage of your fruitful life on Earth. To extract the right Dreams, you need Exercise and Nutrition. The next word is very fitting. It is called Effort. Every little effort can make a huge difference in your life. I called this the Leverage Effect. More about this in a later instalment. You can move mountains, change the direction of rivers and create cleaner and fresher air with just a little bit of effort. Effort requires the right pockets of energy, again the right Nutrition and the right Exercise provides this. Aspiration is about goal searching. Dreams create an epic glimpse of what you can actually achieve. Aspiration enables you to choose whatever you want to do in a timeframe to suit you. Dreams fire you to make the right choices. As you aspire you create Visions of yourself in the next day, the next week, the next month, the next year and in the next decade. Visions are actually creative dreams that come to life. You take on the leading role, create bespoke goals, you work in conjunction with your body, mind and soul are as a whole. Linked to goals are Opportunities. Many people will probably say I cannot see any opportunities ahead of me. Let me change your mind-set if I may. Goals are like little keys that open doors and in these open cubicles lie immense opportunities for all. Opportunities are available for all and just for a selected few. To realise an opportunity, you need that special key or goal. Now comes the responsibility that is attached to a goal and that is the Undertaking. A goal is made up of tasks. Each task requires you to apply an Effort. With no effort, there is no comfort, with no comfort there is no resort. Apply Effort to the best of your ability. To do this effectively you need Resistance. You need Resistance to overcome Resistance. Resistance can best be defined as the act of resisting an opposing force. Take an example of an opposing force such as procrastination. Build your Resistance by following a sequence of power words. These power words are Exercise, Nutrition, Dream, Effort, Aspiration, Vision, Opportunities, and Undertaking. Get the sequence right and the consequence will be a strong resistance. Having a strong Resistance makes you go the distance. Going the distance means that you are persistence during your existence. Have a wonderful and restful Sunday. I hope that you were inspired.

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