Tuesday 9 August 2016

Beauty Part 2

Beauty Part 2

Quote of the day

‘To be divinely graceful exhibits your true and innermost love for our Heavenly Father. As you live an eternal life you serve eternally, you conserve eternally, you observe eternally and you preserve eternally.’

Welcome to the 9th day of August 2016, the days are slowly ebbing towards another year, good for some and not good for many. My daily inspirations are designed to alleviate pain and accelerate you to achieve maximum gain. It is also written with you mind, to cater for the turbulent moments in your life and for the ups and downs that come upon you unexpectedly. Your greatest gift in life is life itself. It is a marvellous experience. With appendages to do things you have an incredible advantage. You have a mind to think and to conjure up a lifestyle that is worthy and valued. You have a powerhouse of energy to combust when needed. I say onto you and verily too, live your life to the fullest. Believe in yourself and admire your innermost and outermost beauty. You are indeed beautiful, period. If anyone tells you otherwise just ignore it and move on. Move onto to the next second of your life. Here in a new space and time are your next task. Focus on your task and be divinely graceful at it. To be divinely graceful exhibits your true and innermost love for our Heavenly Father. This is the starting point to a better understanding of your life. As you serve eternally you slowly learn to conserve, observe and preserve eternally too. This sums up your humane role very well. To exemplify this statement, you must admire how wonderful you are. You are a gem in the eyes of our Heavenly Father. Your humanely feat amazes and astonishes the angels that guide you. As you do good onto others you lessen the work of the angels. In return the angels opens a special vault of resources for you to use, read and explore. Great men and women owe their success to this vault of knowledge and opulence. Success can only be 100% if you follow a righteous path, not for the moment but for the rest of your earthly life. Finally, with such a wealth of divine intervention from birth to death you shall always be cheerful. Your cheerfulness will be noted by those that associate with you at home, at work and on the streets that you walk. People will want to get to know you because of the positive aura that you carry around you. They will trust in you and want to explore your success in great detail. I wish you a wonderful Tuesday from the bottom of my heart.

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