Monday 15 August 2016

Say it with confidence – say it with an Inspirational Card.

Say it with confidence – say it with an Inspirational Card.

Quote of the day

‘To brighten someone’s day you need to say something with confidence. An Inspirational Card usually takes care of that. Inspirational Cards have a profound meaning to someone that needs uplifting. They alleviate pain, strain and sprain into formidable gain. They elevate sadness into a canopy of happiness. They celebrate loneliness into an open world of holiness and homeliness.’

Welcome to the first day of a new working week. It is the middle of the month; time certainly keeps moving even though we are sometimes forced to remain stagnant. Mood swings tend to create stumbling blocks in our lives. When someone hurts our feelings we tend to start squealing and seek healing. When someone abuses us it breaks our self-confidence and leads us to insecurity and uncertainty. When someone steals from us we feel a sense of betrayal and we then change our portrayal of people from loyal to sadly, disloyal. Today I want to tell you not to worry when someone steps on your toes or insults you with malice and contempt. I want you to send someone an Inspirational Card that will bring them happiness, joy and love in the same way you would expect it. At Universally Friendly I have created over 1000 Inspirational Cards for you to access to, print and send. I want you to brighten someone’s day unselfishly by saying something with confidence.  Soon you will be able to uplift someone’s spirit at the click of a mouse and send a message of confidence across the world in an instance. The good you do shall be the good that someone does to another human being. We need to get the ball in motion. Say something with confidence by sending an Inspirational Card. An Inspirational Card can change the future of someone in an instance. I wish you a successful, accomplished and fulfilled working week.

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