Wednesday 31 August 2016

The umbrella of HOPE

The umbrella of HOPE

Final Quote of August 2016

‘The umbrella of hope carries your horoscope of the future. In this aura of magical scent comes forth a unique individual that has character, traits and ambition. To succeed you need to believe. To avoid failure, you need to implement.’

An embracing welcome to the final midweek of August 2016. What a splendid month August has become for us all. In the midst of anxiety, we will always have a society that believes in reassurance.  In a world of crippling finances where people’s circumstances are effected there will always be true romance. In a world where poaching as gone out of control and where wildlife is approaching extinction there will always be coaching to resume numbers. In times of hardship, there will be a strong leadership, a firm partnership and true friendship. Where there is illness there will be kindness, gentleness and lovingness. In times of pain there will be less strain and sprain and more gain and less to sustain. This is called the umbrella of HOPE to help you to COPE whenever the curtains are down. From it you learn to refrain and restrain from abnormalities, and you learn to maintain and sustain normalities. You are not meant to suffer. All human beings are fundamentally the same from all works of life and from all corners of the world. It is written in the stars that you are here for a reason. This contains your horoscope of your future. It is an umbrella of HOPE to all. It is an umbrella of HOPE to the flora and fauna. It is an umbrella of HOPE to all citizens of the Earth. If it rains your umbrella stops, you from getting wet. If it is too hot your umbrella act as a shield to protect your skin. From such a magical scent comes the advent of your new life for you. Your character becomes fill of character, you will soon cultivate a mannerism of distinction trait and bubbling ambition to rise above the clouds. Where there is no love open your umbrella and repel hate like never before. Protect yourself from the turbulences of malice and deceit. Where there is nastiness there will be an offering of kindness. Where there is a purpose there will be a need for a gentle service. Dear Friends inhale the power of Hope and exhale the power of despair. Open new doors in your life and close old doors that harbour sufferings. I wish you a wonderful night and as you bid farewell to the wonders of August embrace tomorrow with the colours of September.

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