Tuesday 23 August 2016

Memories – Part 2

Memories – Part 2

Quote of the day

‘A Personal Documentary forms a rudimentary facet of your life from your first experience to the present day. As you create supplementary documentaries you enforce your experiences which later transforms into great memories.’

Welcome to Part 2 of this extraordinary article. Always cling onto articles that are pertinent to your needs. Groups of articles could also become unique folders for you to easily refer to when trouble lurks into the paradise of your life. Life is really wonderful and you need to remember that, if there is a flaw then look for a Universal Law that will withdraw you from that flaw. At Universally Friendly I created the precise tools to assist you in getting on the right track again. Referral Documentaries is something that you must keep within your reach, to teach you right from wrong. Each right that removes a wrong forms a new memory or a new folder in the archive of your personal information. The thirties, forties, fifties, sixties, seventies, eighties, nineties hold wonderful decades of fond memories. These decades were cascades of inspiration and everglades of motivation. I use the word cascades of inspiration because inspiration is always flowing like a deluge from above for you to be stimulated to take action. I also use the word everglades of motivation because action always comes in the form of competition, inhibition and exhibition. Therefore, although Inspiration flows freely like a dandelion motivation is often harder like walking in a swamp. Reach out for those wonderful memories when trouble lurks into the corridors of your existence. Creating Galleries helps to enhance your referral folders. Pictures speak louder than words. Select pictures that hold infinite memories. Put them in relevant categories such as family gatherings, graduations, holidays, functions, birthdays and celebrations. Dear Friends, memories are your incredible source of rejuvenation, revitalisation, relaxation and aspiration. Glories are a unique category for you to create too. Such a category adds splendour, grandeur, beauty and successes to your life. Such a folder is a must for all householders. It brings Inspiration to light and helps motivate you at night. Dear Friends, what about those wonderful stories that was passed on from generation to generations. Those old tales warmed our hearts. To your personal fame I wish you glory. When trouble looms I want you to find the solution in your own room. Yes, standing behind you is a filing cabinet of folders or a hard disk drive of storage waiting for you to sieve through them. Use memories to create better memories, fill the aura of your life with positivity. Have a great Tuesday.

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