Thursday 25 August 2016

Butterflies – Part 2

Butterflies – Part 2

Quote of the day

‘All things in life run parallel with each other. So, if you stumble in the morning latch onto a parallel analogy and use it to alleviate you from your troubled situation. Butterflies when you feel butterflies within you, the goose and the gander when you feel a noose and slander around you, birds for nasty words, apes for sour grapes, cats for rats and hounds for unusual sounds.’

Welcome to Thursday, the 25th of August 2016. I cannot believe that I am writing an article to you so soon because it seems like January 2016. Life is fun under the brilliant sun, life can be happy if you avoid being snappy, you need to enjoy your life rather than destroy it. Yes, your life is the most important aspect of your existence. Drawing close analogies with successful individuals helps you overcome stumbling blocks. Like the butterfly we need to fly above our dilemmas and move on to another opportunity. You need to observe your dilemma from a bird eyes view. Look at traffic from above and you will see aggravation, congregation, acceleration, deceleration, desperation, excitation and violation. Look at it from a butterfly’s view and you will see a different perspective. You will discover alleviation, liberation, meditation, calmness and veneration. Like a butterfly that hovers from one opportunity to another you need to move away from the hustle and the bustle of life. Don’t stick to one option but look at other options. Be like the butterfly that flies to the next flower or the next and the next. Look at commuters on a train and you will notice toleration smeared with chauvinism, hesitation wrapped with relaxation and shoving mangled with loving. Become a butterfly for the moment and you can turn discomfort into comfort, lateness into punctuality and incompetence into professionalism. Every species in life go about their daily tasks in a well organised manner. Look at the ants, they will never get up your pants, it’s not their task. Look at the worms, they do not pass on germs, it’s never their task. Look at the snail it never leaves a trail for you to follow, why should it. Each species of life is assigned to a specific task. Like you all tasks need to be accomplished and fulfilled, period. Don’t clash, don’t be brash, don’t crash, don’t splash a pedestrian, dispose of trash in the right way, don’t smash something or be brash at someone. Focus like the butterfly on your given task. Do it, if you did wrong admit it, if you did right commit to it, if you cannot do it, quit it.

Bonus Quote

‘Do it, if you did wrong admit it, if you did right commit to it, if you cannot do it, quit it.’
Have a wonderful Thursday. Hover over your troubles on the double.

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