Wednesday 17 August 2016



Quote of the day

‘Never Lose HOPE. Hope Offers People Eternal Energy, Enthusiasm, Excitement, Enjoyment, Encouragement, Endurance, Expertise and Edification.’

A gracious welcome to midweek and to the start of the second part of August 2016. Today I want to focus on HOPE, without which there is despair. No matter what your predicament in life is with HOPE you can overcome it. HOPE builds confidence, creates optimism and develops courage. Today’s Quote exemplifies the power of HOPE. HOPE offers people Eternal Energy. Eternal Energy is the vigour you need to surpass any obstacles that cometh your way. You can feel this energy, it makes you lively and full of vitality. It drives you to create Eternal Enthusiasm. With the right Eternal Enthusiasm, you can actually move mountains, redirect rivers and talk to the animals and plants.  HOPE is that divine force that pushes you beyond the limits in a mannerism that you have never experienced before. What follows like a trailer to a car is Eternal Excitement. This is an experience you have when your life becomes a pleasure. There is delight in your thoughts, there is elation in your mind and there is the right stimulation to your body. Such feelings can best be surmised as Eternal Enjoyment. It is like drifting along the coast of a tropical island carried across by the gentle breeze? There is peace and there is solace. You are one with nature and you are the commander of your decisions. This is called Eternal Encouragement.  From the bigots of society that once made you lose HOPE, you suddenly found encouragement. Eternal Encouragement usually lights the fuse to Eternal Endurance. Despite you finding your peace and solace there will always be difficulties. Eternal Endurance helps you overcome them. Once you have you have reached Eternal Expertise. When you have mastered the art of regaining hope, you have acquired Eternal Expertise. You are now able to deal with adversities with divine privileges. Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls such a cycle of life is often referred to as Eternal Edification. Eternal Edification is the improvement of one’s life. From the bitterness in life they receive sweetness from above. From moments of hate they blossom into long periods of love. From financial difficulties they manufacture wealth and good health. I wish you a wonderful midweek. Take good care.

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