Monday, 25 July 2016

The Pinnacle of Success

The Pinnacle of Success

Welcome to all of you on a crisp Monday Morning, the final full working week of July 2016. Today I want to talk about the Pinnacle of your Success.

Quote of the day

‘The Pinnacle of One’s Success is not merited according to one’s wealth but rather to one’s health. Wealth is something that changes daily, it is a reversible reaction because you can change recession into progression and vice versa. Health on the other is not a reversible reaction because you cannot change depression or aggression into an impression because you generally leave a permanent imprint that lasts forever and ever. Health creates Wealth but Wealth cannot create Health.’


‘All individuals have the right to have a life of equality. We differ immensely in our choices but the rudiments of life will always remain the same. To sustain your equality, think Health first and then let your Wealth follow you.’

Your choice in life could be a Rolls Royce or a Hyundai but both necessities in life do the same thing. They both carry you from point A to Point B. The right of equality does not mean that everyone needs a Rolls Royce or even a Hyundai. It is about choice and the practice of appreciating what you want in life or have in life that makes you comfortable and happy. To achieve this, you need good health. This is the primary objective of any meritocratic Goal Setter. Health first, Wealth second. Health creates Wealth, Wealth will never create good Health. To determine a good healthy lifestyle starts with a personal assessment. Your weight, your height, your pulse rate, your hate will all determine how great you are. Your weight is important and if it is not right you need to make it right by exercising good eating habits and proper physical workouts to suit you. At Universally Friendly I have a huge range of Healthy Recipes and Workouts for you to use. Your height determines your skeletal makeup. Stand with a good posture and you shall overcome osteoporosis and other bone disorders. You will aerate your discs and maintain the power to sit, remain fit, stand tall and have a firm hand from birth to death. Your pulse rate determines your physical level. Pulse rate is about how many times a minute your heart beats. You need to monitor your heart beat to ensure that your body is performing well and capable of producing a reasonable output. The Hate Factor in your life affects your performance. Have hate in your agenda and you have no agenda at all. Hate makes you late, it makes you feel overweight, it creates negativity, it affects your heart rate, it aggravates hostility and it agitates instability. Getting into a neutral zone where you remain serene, feel clean, avoid the caffeine, eat your beans, read a magazine and create the perfect scene is my sole recommendation.

Application Quote

‘Avoidance is always better than pursuance. Avoidance lasts for a few seconds, pursuance lasts for a lifetime.’

Don’t regress into a dress of hate. Hate is a time waster. Time is your most precious commodity. With a sound body and a sound mind you will have the power to generate wealth in an instant. The amount of wealth you require would be a personal assessment. Whatever it is it will always be achievable. Without a sound body or a sound mind you will never create wealth and you will certainly degenerate your health. Health is not a reversible reaction because you cannot change depression or aggression into an impression because you generally leave a permanent imprint that lasts forever and ever. Depression is the key cause to your noted health recession. Pump your mind and body with negativity and you will lower your ability to combat diseases. Depression leads to aggression. Aggression forms a very unpleasant impression to someone else. You may not remember your aggression but someone else will for the rest of eternity. My recommendation once again is being calm. If your health is poor you cannot remove the indentations, it has caused to your life but the healing process certainly can make you move on. Think wise, be wise, live wisely and focus on the next second. Focus on what you can do to make the next second better. Always remember, Health first and Wealth second. Ask someone like me and I can assure you that your Health is important. My health is good and I aim to live onto 100 years. My Wealth is also comfortable but I measure my success on how healthy I really am and not on how wealthy I am. Improve your Health and you will have the power to increase your Wealth. I wish you a healthy, wealthy and prosperous life.

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