Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Going Green

Going Green

Quote of the day

‘Going Green or Environmentally Friendly starts from your home. For every individual effort surmounts our present status quo of deforestation, starvation, conservation, cultivation, desecration, population, realisation, suffocation and intoxication.’

Welcome to the final midweek of July 2016. The time will come for self-realisation and self-righteousness but it is a lot easier if you start straight away. How are you today? I hope and pray that you are well, flourishing in your rhapsody to enjoy life and to create happiness first. It is not a difficult task but it requires a constant effort. Weeds will stop growing if you remove them. Bad habits will soon fade away when you apply good habits into your daily agenda. Every single effort if acted in a humane way will create a pocket of happiness. Don’t take my word for it, try it yourself. Try going green or environmentally friendly and see a difference in a single day. Do it consistently and you shall see a vast difference in your home, your street and eventually your neighbourhood. Live to recycle, strive to cycle, sieve through your rubbish and put plastic with plastics and paper with paper, drive within the speed limit, give liberally to those that need it, dive into a regular and good habit and then stick to it, be alive with the zest to live happily, arrive on time without being stressed, derive an individual plan to help save our planet such as planting a tree, revive the soil with the right nutrients, contrive a strategy to save water and use less energy, survive on essentials and eliminate nonessentials, forgive the wrongdoers and show by example and finally think five a day. Every single contribution from a single individual can help change the destruction that we created from the beginning to now. Meritocratic Goal Setters work diligently each day to make our world a safer place, a cleaner place and a happier place. They work to the best of their ability, changing what is bad and changing what can become bad. This is the mind-set I want you to have. I want you to have the mind-set to work diligently each day to change what is bad and what you think maybe become bad. If a wrapper falls on your yard will you leave or remove it. Will you recycle it or throw it into the general bin. Will you leave it alone in the hope that the wind will blow it away from your yard again. Every good action always yields a good reaction no matter how little or big it is. I urge you to think green and go green. Have a wonderful midweek and may all your cherries in life help you make pockets of pockets of happiness and joy.

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