Friday, 8 July 2016

Our History is written in the curvature of the Earth

Our History is written in the curvature of the Earth

Quote of the day

‘We are indeed the makers of the living world, transcribing into the soil our day to day affairs from the origins of The Garden of Eden to the Modern World. Some of it is rudimentary, such as the harvest, the forest and the majestic sweep of wildebeest across the savannah. Some of it is unsightly such as the overproduction, destruction and obstruction by man himself. Hidden amongst the chaos are the doers of good and bringers of hope and the remains of our dearly departed who strived to make our world a better one.’

A humble welcome to all of you on a perfect Friday, the end to our 1st full working week of July and to the start of our weekend of rest and relaxation. Thank you sincerely for ALL your personal appreciation over the weeks, a personal thank you is on its way to you very soon. What lies ahead of us is what we plan to execute this very second. If we keep within the parameters of the law, there is a good chance that tomorrow will be fine. Driving at 45mph in a 30mph zone places tomorrow at a greater risk for you and for the possible victims of your selfish intent. To ensure that tomorrow remains fruitful, hopeful and beautiful you need to keep within the parameters of the law. The Universe has its own laws too and planetary objects abide by these laws, if not there will be chaos across the cosmos. Keeping within the parameters of the law enables your agenda to move more smoothly and more positively. The result is daily accomplishment and fulfilment on an unprecedented scale. This is the primary objective of all meritocratic Goal Setters. All Meritocratic Goal Setters work within the parameters of the law. They are achievers by day and dreamers by night. They dream about tomorrow, calculating what needs to be done correctly, effectively and productively. They are aware of their actions and seek only satisfaction from it rather than the common dissatisfaction when done in haste. They are aware of the fallacies of the modern world etched so deeply in the soil and seek to correct it by doing good and remaining good. They are concerned about our planet and work steadily to ensure that the air is pure, the water is clean and the soil is irrigated. These three essential ingredients of air, water and soil are the fundamental ingredients needed to survive and serve. They are aware that money cannot create purity in the atmosphere and surety in the soil. Therefore, I urge you as my eternal friend to start today by thinking of tomorrow. I want you to think of your personal inscription that can alter the history of the world for the better. What good you can inscribe today can change the outlook of tomorrow. A smile can bring a chain of smiles. A good deed a day can yield a new seed of hope each new day. A goal a day helps you to take better control of your day. A donation from you establishes a foundation for someone else. A sprinkling of love creates an aura of happiness from above. Write a new chapter in history and create a new beginning for someone else. Have a wonderful Friday.

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