Tuesday, 5 July 2016

The Looking Glass

The Looking Glass

Quote of the Year

‘I am indeed human. I cannot say that I am black or white, brown or yellow. Demographically you may classify me as British. However, when I reach the foothills of the heavenly gates above I am stripped of my external apparel and look the same, as human before.’

Welcome to the 5th of July 2016. Sorry about the late tweets, we are in the process of switching internet providers. The Looking Glass always reveals the perfect human being capable of incredible achievements in various categories. To be classified as a human being with such incredible qualities makes you want to continue living to love and loving to live. You need that constant reminder of who you really are, what you really are and what your goals in life really is. Don’t accept what other people classify you as. Some may say that you are fat, short, hairy, white, brown, black or yellow. Others may rudely say that you are a failure, a loser, a recluse, a snob, a miser or a charlatan. I say onto you and verily too, you are not. You are a human being of fine qualities and immense credibility. You have the ability and the capability to change history for the better, to reverse climate change for the better and to alter your lifestyle for the better. You are beautiful, wonderful, delightful, cheerful, helpful, meaningful, respectful, careful, successful and purposeful. Settle for nothing less and aim for something more. Look at a snail by knowing that it is quite frail. Pick up the stray earthworm and show it the way to an earthy soil. Understand the elderly who may have poor memory and less energy. Feed the weak and the meek with love and a new lease of life. Tend to the ageing tree and free it from the ivy and the parasites. A humane person cares for the planet as a whole. They care for themselves too. Look into the Looking glass, what do you see? Have wonderful evening, take good care.

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