Thursday, 28 July 2016

The Best Practice

Best Practice

Quote of the day

‘The best practice in life is to remove the madness, idleness, drabness, and sadness from your portfolio and change them to liveliness, illustriousness, peacefulness and selflessness. I called this the MIDS to LIPS Effect.’

Good evening to you from rather a mild Thursday evening here in good old London Town. Today I would like to talk about the best possible practice in life which I call the MIDS to LIPS Effect. Sticking to the MIDS effect will always leave you in the same jet stream of constant high velocity agitations at work, home or in the streets. The LIPS Effect does the converse. It gives you an airstream of dreams and common goals. Today I say onto you and verily too always follow the Best Practice and apply the LIPS Effect from the start of a new day. Tomorrow I shall talk about the MIDS Effect in more details and on Saturday I shall conclude this article and speak about the LIPS Effect.


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