Saturday, 23 July 2016

Summer Fruits

Summer Fruits

Quote of the day

‘Summer Fruits often remind us of what we capable of producing at the end of our harvest. A Grape reminds us to get into shape. Peaches reminds us to visit our local beaches. Apples reminds us to pray in our local chapels. Berries reminds to be aware of our adversaries. A pear reminds us to care and share. An apricot for that incredible thought. Plums to remind us of our wonderful Mums. A lime to help us manage our time and to remain prime. Jackfruits to make us rather cute and a fig to remind us to think big.

Greetings and Salutations to all my friends from around the world on this penultimate weekend of July 2016. Today we are going to explore the wonderful world of fruits and use them to remind us of the rewards in life waiting for us to grasp onto them. Every effort in life produces a result. Fling a seed into the open soil and there is a likelihood that it may sprout into a fruit of that seed. Take a little effort and add it to the equation of life and there will be a good chance of that seed growing into a tree of its own. Add the right conditions and you shall be guaranteed to produce a worthy crop at the next annual harvest. It is all about effort, Dear Friends and a little bit of knowledge. Knowledge is always free but effort sometimes comes at a price. Using the right knowledge enables you to create that special crop of positive yields. Effort tweaks your bounty to unprecedented levels. Ask any successful people of the two contributing factors towards their success and they will openly tell you it is knowledge and effort. However, you do need the right knowledge to effect the end result.  Having mechanical knowledge on cars does not entirely help you to repair a truck or a bus although the principles maybe the same. Effort is an individual contribution. Bruce Lee once exerted himself beyond the limits to produce the outcome of a physique elite. Bill Gates sacrificed his time especially during his teenage life to the limits to source the right mathematical permutations to enable you to use various applications on your PC. Usain Bolt bolted across the Blue Mountains and tropical plains of Jamaica from a young age to become the fastest man in the world. Effort is indeed an individual contribution. If you have knowledge you are halfway there. Effort carries you for the rest of the year. Summer Fruits helps us to achieve this unique milestone in our lives. We definitely need to be and remain in shape so have a grape a day to remind you of that. A jog on your beach? Then reach for a peach and that will drive you to your nearest beach. Not spiritual enough to make your goals less tough, I suggest eating an apple to go to your chapel and pray from the bottom of your heart. Worried about uncertainties in your life? Have a bowl of berries because that will help you take care of your common adversaries. A pear will most certainly remind you to care and share. This is a prerequisite to succeed. You need your fellow human being beside you rather than against you. An apricot helps you to have that incredible thought like a light bulb moment. A plum reminds us to always love and remember our Mum. Time Management is always essential to a meritocratic goal setter so make sure you have a lime a day and to also help you remain prime. Now although these words rhyme it is never a crime to eat a fruit because of its incredible nutritional value. Fruits are packed with minerals, vitamins, anti-oxidants and phyto-nutrients. They keep our bodies healthy and our minds wealthy.
Application Quote

‘A fruit a day certainly helps you to pray, to keep the evildoer away, to help you find your way and to ensure that you never go astray.’

Application Quote 2

‘A fruit a day makes you have a really great day, enables you to express your say, makes you feel gay and less grey, ensures you feel great on your next birthday, helps you maintain a healthy buffet and helps to stop your teeth from decay.’

Why? Why does a fruit do these wonderful things? A fruit is natural, purely agricultural and from the heavens above. It is packed with the pureness and sureness of divinity. You cannot deny this. You can verify it quite easily.

Application Quote 3

‘You need trust do have thrust. You need belief to overcome grief and to get divine relief and you need passion in order to be draped in a unique fashion and to be drenched with compassion.’

Have a wonderful Saturday. It is your private time, so please make it special for you, your family and friends.

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