Monday, 4 July 2016


Quote of the day

‘Rage makes you age, Rage makes you live in a cage, Rage makes you demand for more wage and Rage makes you live on the same page.

Welcome to the first day of a new working week of July 2016. It was a fine start to the week and I am sure that it will be a fine end as well. However, if we input anger into our agenda the chances of an accomplished and fulfilling week is very unlikely. Anger is Rage. When we add Rage to our working life or our social life it will make us age a lot sooner. This is evident in the way we look and feel. Rage will also make you live in a cage of isolation, frustration, aggravation, exasperation and confrontation. Are you willing to put your working week at risk by clinging onto rage? Rage makes you demand for more wage even though you are not necessarily entitled to it. You are the manager of your time therefore you will always know what your time is worth. Time generates money. If you work well and sincerely you will always reap the benefits of your ardent work. Rage does make you live on the same page because rage can compound to even greater rage. You need to remain calm at all times. You need to make allowances for the unexpected. You need to switch from rage to calm, like the oceans where the breakers of anger changes to makers of peace and calm. Start a new page in your life where the melody of your efforts is calm and serene. Don't walk a daily path holding a placard of rage. Let bygones be bygones. Make the next second a new twist to your life.

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