Monday, 18 July 2016

Perfect Settings

Perfect Settings

Quote of the day

‘To create a PERFECT setting under an umbrella of an English Summer you need to start a new Project with immediate effect. With such a Project in mind you need to create an overall Effect. To effectively do this you need to Respect your fellow human being, Forget bad memories, Erect good memories, Connect with People in the right way and Transect your workload into a morning session followed by an afternoon Session.’

Welcome to the start of a new working week. It is wonderful to have you on board on a mystical journey towards a successful career. Today is the start of a real Summer experience in good old London town. It makes an ambient setting for all meritocratic goal setters. Using the power word called PERFECT I want to illustrate how effective you can become during this vibrant summer month. The 1st letter in the word PERFECT is Project. I want you to take on a new Project starting today that will change your life around. To make such a Project successful you need to follow these simple steps. The 1st step is to ensure that your Project will create an overall Effect by the end of Summer 2016. Does the Effect of your Project have an unselfish conclusion where upon not only you but someone else benefits from such a worthy Project? What examples are there of a good Project? How about a hobby, a mini-holiday or an unselfish goal? A Project can best be defined as an assignment or task by a fully passionate human being that wants to make an effective and overall change. The second step is about Respect. Respect is a vital necessity when seeking to accomplish and fulfil a project. We must always remember that it is a lot easier to make enemies and a lot harder to maintain friends. To maintain a Project you need the potion of forgetting bad memories and you need the constant motion of erecting good memories. Bad memories make you negate your positive moves and makes you slumber into a negative mood. One key features of keeping Projects healthy and alive is that we need to connect with people, relevant people that are relevant to our course. Dieticians to Food Reform, Financial Advisers to Money reform, Mentors to Positive Reform and so on. Finally, we need control and to do this we need to transect our working day into a morning session and an afternoon session separated by a lunch break. The morning session is about getting over the hurdles of your day by working diligently in hourly circles. The afternoon session should focus on the less strenuous aspects of your working day and to ponder and what tomorrow holds. AM for spam, cram and the traffic jam. AM is for Assertive Motion, Attention and Management and Aspiration followed by Motivation. PM is for positive motion, perfect management, Proper Maintenance and for Phone and Messages. I wish you a pleasant working day and a perfect start to your working week. Take good care.

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