Friday, 15 July 2016

The Magical Road to Personal Success

The Magical Road to Personal Success

Quote of the day

‘The Magical Road to personal Success is a link between a dream and a success story. It is a road as long as you want it to be, flanked with miraculous street furnishing and captivating beauty. At the beginning you will stand with the passion to accomplish and achieve and at the end of it you will see a mystic light with a frequency to match your goals.’

Welcome to Friday, the 15th of July 2016. It is the middle of the month and also the end of our second working in July. We all want to succeed. Very few of us have a success story to tell because we are often misled in taking the wrong road. Life is an open road of opportunities for all. This is something we must remember and it is something we must always live by. The starting point to your journey of success starts with a series of visions edited by your mind to create a dream worthy to pursue. You need to track this road to see if it will lead you onto a righteous path rather than an unrighteousness one. The righteous path will be flanked with miraculous street furnishing and captivating beauty. These furnishing ordained with beauty will always be related to your goal. If your goal is to become a tennis player, then your street furnishing will be draped in the habitat of a tennis court such as Wimbledon. These are the associated links you need to look for. Tennis for tennis with the terrace of associated paraphernalia. Once the link is made you need to find the next link and that is the first step to your career, penned by yourself, appended by yourself and mended by yourself. The road is a tough one because others will make it tough for you. Here your resilience is needed by the second. You need to be passionate every second of your life and you need to be compassionate for your fellowmen and women. As you abide by the Laws of the Universe of which there are many you will be always be protected by a magical shroud along your journey. Where there is danger there will be a Ranger in the form of a trainer to guide you. Where there is failure there will be a saviour in the form of a player to motivate you. Where here is a hiccup there will be someone to pick you up. Where there is negativity there will be positivity to reignite your passion. Where there is envy there will be a friendly person to inspire you. Where there is competition, don’t lose hope as it will only boost your ambition and position. Everything has a reason. Don’t despair and turn your life into a nightmare. Beware and aware and recite the Lord’s Prayer. Let the magical road carry you to your ocean of dreams where dreams become reality and reality turns back into dreams. I wish you a wonderful weekend from the bottom of my heart. Go well, be well and do well. 

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