Thursday, 21 July 2016

Balancing your Books

Balancing your Books

Quote of the day

‘One of the key areas to succeed in life is to balance your books. Everyone should have a home library, an organised diary, a primary reference source, a culinary section of healthy meals, a functionary planner, a literary reference source, a stationery pack, a solitary hideout, a visionary book, an imaginary file, an itinerary portfolio, a vocabulary resource book and a revolutionary manual. Does your personal library fit the above requirements?

Greetings and welcome to a wonderful day. Yes, it is wonderful like any other day. My motto is: ‘Always appreciate your life by enjoying every second of it. The key area to succeed in your life is a good knowledge base. All meritocratic Goal Setters should have a vast range of books. In other words, you need a home library but with a crucial difference, you need to balance the books. Your home library should be personal and contain relevant information to your course, to your unique force that drives you to do better and of course your source. Your course in life is very important to understand. A lot of us confuse this important aspect of our overall existence. We often get snared into a materialistic existence and focus on how, what, if and when I can earn to have materialistic acquisitions. Now animals on the other don’t focus on how, what, if and when. They do not worry. Do the birds worry on what they shall eat or where they shall sleep? Our course is our passage in life and that progression is simple. It is too care, to share and to remain fair. Your needs will be looked after once you understand your course. Understanding your course gives you that unique force to drive you to do better. You could define this force as invisible, passionate and desirable. It is a force that carries you from one porthole to another. Understanding comes from knowledge. Knowledge is vast but freely available. It is usually passed on from generation to generation. As you acquire knowledge based on your needs you slowly build up a personal library which you use as your support base, meditation centre and visionary planner. Dear Friends, are you balancing your books. Balancing your books is about having harmony in the faculty of your erudition. Your personal library should contain a diary, reference books, meal ideas, planners, vision books, itineraries and of course a revolutionary manual. The revolutionary manual for me is The Modern Day Trilogy. It is the only set of books in the world that answers all my questions. This is the primary set of books that you should have in your library. You need to have a diary. I already designed one for you. It is a diary that I call Destinations. I created this almost 21 years ago. More about this in a later article. Try to keep reference books pertinent to your immediate goals. Don’t carry irrelevance in your library, it just clutters your thought patterns. Everything pertinent to your needs must be contained within your personal library. You also need Planners that maintain your manners, new designs for guidelines, meals ideas that appeals and itineraries to overcome your adversaries. I will help you to build your library into a personal recluse centre, where meditation, relaxation and imagination can be conducted freely. Have a wonderful Thursday. Don’t build a foundation without knowledge. It will be like scattering your interests on an ocean of pebbles. When the tide rushes in your foundation will collapse and you will have to start all over again.

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