Tuesday, 19 July 2016



Quote of the day

‘AMBITION is such a powerful word that if recited each day will initiate an action plan to make you develop your eagerness in any subject matter. The word AMBITION holds 8 keywords to help you: These words are Affirmation, Motivation, Balance, Inspiration, Tolerance, Invigoration, Opportunities and Niceties.’

Welcome to the 2nd day of your working week. Today is a real scorcher, although it may seem like a real torture look at it also as a refresher. Refreshers are good because they energise you to have AMBITION. AMBITION is our theme for today. AMBITION holds 8 keywords to help you in hot or cold conditions. It is a stimulant to make you magnificent. These 8 keywords are Affirmation, Motivation, Balance, Inspiration, Tolerance, Invigoration, Opportunities and Niceties. Affirmation is the ability to confirm that you really need to achieve something rather than dream about achieving it. Dreaming is the parallel of an ambition. It builds a picture or vision of what it is like to achieve something but stops there. Taking action is usually difficult. This is where you need Motivation. Motivation is that special stimulus to kick-start you to take action. Action is motion, impetus sets you in motion. To determine that your motion is controlled you need Balance. Some of us move too quickly and end up feeling exhausted and lacking energy or impetus. You need to balance a dream and an action.  In a dream you conjure up relevant images relating to a goal and edit it in a relevant fashion to create something worth pursuing. Action is about taking the necessary strides to achieve your goal. You cannot take action if your dream is not clear.  Your dream creates a vision. Your next dream is about revision of your ambition. To take action you need the right provisions and the right decisions. To create a perfect balance between a dream and an action plan you need Inspiration like what you are reading. Inspiration takes your dream and equates it with an action plan. To get the ball in motion you need the right Inspiration from the right person. What follows is Tolerance. Nothing will glide smoothly because inhibitions in life always waits for you to distract you rather than attract you. Distractions will always fumble your actions. You need to be tolerant, to do this effectively you need to walk a path of vigilance. Invigoration is a much needed tool to fulfil your ambition. Invigoration is about refreshing your mind, body and soul regularly. I always say eat well, drink substantial amounts of water, exercise regularly and read to be inspired daily. This is an invigorating course that we all should partake in. A special article on Invigoration will follow soon. Always remember that there are opportunities for all in the vastness of the Cosmos. What is crucial to remember is that if something fails don’t despair. Never despair but simply repair your dream by starting all over again. Refine your dream to take care of contingencies.  Niceties in life make all the difference. As we learn we earn vital strategic points in life which we should use to amend or append our goals. Ambitions are a circle of events, starting form a dream and ending in an accomplishment only to resume as another dream. Have a wonderful day under the umbrella of a much awaited summer’s day. With love and best wishes from your eternal friend, Anthony.

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