Sunday, 31 July 2016

Reflections in July Create Affections in August

Reflections in July Create Affections in August

Quote of the day

‘Reflections in July are a collection of Quotes that deliver the SPICED effect which is Selection, Perfection, Introspection, Collection, Election and Direction. Being SPICED up in July creates Affections in August.’

A very, very blessed welcome to a blessed day, sadly the final one of July 2016. It is sad to say farewell to a good and wonderful month. To ease the emotions of farewell I would like you to reflect on those wonderful quotes that I wrote in July to create affections in August. What will make August a successful month for you will determine how you embrace tomorrow or how SPICED up you become. The SPICED Effect is made up of six power words and they are Selection, Perfection, Introspection, Collection, Election and Direction. I want you to select amongst 30 Quotes and Articles written by me in the month of July to create a mixture of motivation and a medley of Inspiration. Once your choice is finalised I want you to copy or print these collection of Quotes in a folder on your PC or create a physical folder. Your Selection must create a sense of Perfection. In August there are 31 days. You need to have the mind-set of excellence and flawlessness in all that you do, say or think. Choosing the right collection of quotes must stimulate you to think logically, speak responsibly and act symbolically. To help you choose the right collection of Quotes you need Introspection. Do a self-analysis today and establish which Quotes elevated your thoughts and feelings. It maybe just one Quote out of 30 or it may be all of them. If so, please arrange them in an order of preference. Once arranged you will have your Collection of Quotes at your fingertips. This will formulate your personal anthology. It will become your compendium of the millennium that will guarantee you a significant personal change in the next decennium. This collection should be personal. Don’t share it with anyone but use to make significant changes in your life for the next ten years. Once you see changes in your life then you can pass your skills onto someone else with confidence and provenance. The next 10 years of your life is an important milestone for the rest of your life on planet Earth. You can make it better by committing yourself in the form of a letter. This is a letter you need to write to yourself stating your choice. The Process of Electing the right Quotes in July must be a committed choice, a choice that comes from the bottom of your heart. This creates Direction for you from tomorrow until the 31st of July 2026. Direction is about having focus, targets and objectives. It is a road that you shall create spurred by your innermost feelings. With such a charted course nothing will go wrong. Your mind and body will be directed in a decennium of splendour and grandeur where accomplishment and fulfilment becomes a norm. Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls take pen to paper and make the next ten years of your life count. If you are at school this technique will guarantee you the best results academically and make you an achiever in your faculty of choice. If you are at work you will climb each rung of success with the zest to achieve unselfishly and to be the best selflessly. If you are ill, you will become well and lengthen your life if you take the right action and the inspired prescription. The LORD made the blind see, the lame walk and the dead come alive. The LORD will grant you wellness if you believe in yourself. If you are retired, you will have the best retirement that surpasses the limits of a pension pot. You will embrace life like never before. You will become a sage that opens a new page for those that are amongst you. You will leave behind a legacy of good deeds for others to be inspired by. Your exercise today is ‘Reflections in July Create Affections in August’. Your exercise tomorrow is to be SPICED up. Have a wonderful day.

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