Wednesday, 13 July 2016

The Key to Success

The Key to Success

Quote of the day

‘The Key to Success lies in the word SUCCESS. S is for Succeeding, U is for Understanding, C is for Caring, C is also for Consideration, E is for Enthusiasm, S is for Sharing and S is also for Saving.’

Welcome to midweek, yesterday’s article was called ‘Universally Friendly’ and may be viewed at Today I want to talk to you about your Success and how important it is to succeed in your life. The Key to Success lies in the word SUCCESS. The first letter of the word SUCCESS is the letter S and it is about Succeeding. Why is it necessary to succeed? Success is about finding prosperity in the opulence of The Universe. Without prosperity there is poverty. Which would you prefer? Would you exchange your success for someone else’s poverty? Success is for all and not for one. Therefore, when you reach the peak of your success you need to give part of it back to those that are waiting to taste it, feel it or experience it. The next letter is Understanding. We need to understand that there is no need to be greedy. To become successful, you need to be careful, respectful and helpful. The letter C reminds us to Care. This is of extreme importance because every particle that makes up the cosmos is accountable. You need to care for all and not for one. You need to care about the flora, the fauna and other human beings. C is also for Consideration. We need to have consideration in everything that we do, say or think. A considerate person always exercises kindness, selflessness and concern when liaising with another human being. E is for Enthusiasm. Enthusiasm gauges your level of passion and desire in a given subject. A zero level displays zero passion and desire. A hero level displays full passion and desire in all that you do, say or think. S is for Sharing. Sharing is the ability of an individual to openly contribute ideas, facts, provisions, supplies, paraphernalia and general items to the public at large. A sharing person does not look for profitable gain but would rather settle for an honourable acclaim. Finally, the last letter of the word SUCCESS is the letter S and this stands for Saving. Saving is the process of putting aside something for a rainy day. Not every day is scheduled to be an ideal day. In fact, some days are likened to be a bit zany. Therefore, as a meritocratic goals setter one of your daily expenses has to be a savings account set aside for a rainy day. Have a great midweek.

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