Thursday, 7 July 2016

Quotes to Quote

Quotes to Quote

Quote of the day

 ‘Quotes to Quote are an excellent way to uplift you when you are adrift, to inspire you when you retire, perspire or in a crossfire and to enlighten you when you are frightened.’

Universally Friendly is noted worldwide for its plethora of Quotes penned by the founder of Universally Friendly, Anthony PAN. Not all Quotes maybe needed but someday you will need it in the same way that I use it to enhance my life, to lengthen my life and to love my life. When trouble knocks on your front door, don’t answer until you have read a quote to support your decision. If trouble is already in your house create a collage of positive Quotes around you and use it daily to eradicate the difficulties that you are experiencing. If you are trouble-free always read these Quotes regularly to ensure that you do not fall into a common trap of deceit, defeat, retreat, counterfeit and unnecessary heat.

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