Wednesday, 6 July 2016

3 in 1

3 in 1
Quote of the day

‘Success is an application of 3 fundamental principles and they are LLL, LLL stands for Learn, Love and Life. As simple as it seems to Learn to Love and to Learn how to Live can change the dimension of your existence.’

Welcome to the 7th day of July and now that my internet is up and running resumption of my inspirational content will continue as ever. 7 days in July, are you seeing any changes in your life? Is there something missing? How about implementing the 3 in 1 strategy? The 3 in 1 strategy is LLL or Learn to Love and Learn to Live.  As simple as it seems to Learn to Love and to Learn how to Live can change the dimension of your existence. The concept of Learning is an ancient ritual that lasts for a lifetime but brings love and life into one. Learning is the human faculty to acquire relevant and essential knowledge to move from point to another. Knowledge is vast therefore we need not worry too much to acquire all of it but the essentials of life is always worthy to know and apply. What are the essentials of Life? The essentials of life are to love it and to live for a full duration of 100 years. It is a personal venture of self-realisation by understanding the rudiments of life and applying it on a day to day basis. As we learn we become wiser, as we become wise we edge towards self-realisation. This is the realm of transition from one porthole to another. We need to learn to love as we transcend time and space. Our love must intensify as the seconds tick by creating a majestic aura around us. Love is a bond that makes us fond of living, moving into a parallel state of affairs with the Universe and yourself. You cannot go wrong with love for it is the ultimate formula to succeed, to make friends and to establish longevity. Finally, there is life itself, a span of 100 years equated to 86,400 seconds of incredible wonder, fascination and splendour every single day. Life is a grandeur and when you live it to the fullest you will want more and more.  Life is about caring, sharing and remaining fair. Learn to live and learn to love. Have a wonderful and memorable day.

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