Saturday, 2 July 2016

The Advantage of being Disadvantaged

The Advantage of being Disadvantaged

Quote of the day

‘The Value of life is categorised by the willingness to live it and not by the willingness to strive for it. Everyone is entitled to a life of equality rather than the common occurrence of inequality. The statistics of success should never reveal a small portion of the population that have the advantage to live in prosperity and the rest are disadvantaged to live in poverty. Today I want you to switch your destitution to restitution and climb the mountain of hope to fortune at a pace suited to your needs.’

Welcome to a wonderful start to a wonderful weekend, the first weekend of July 2016. It is wonderful to have you on board as a friend for life and as a citizen of the Earth. I wish you a wonderful start to a wonderful month. The Advantage of being Disadvantaged can work in your favour because it enables you to raise the bar according to your expectations. As a result, poverty can change to prosperity, misfortune can be converted to fortune and sadness can be modified to happiness. The world is bubbling with opportunities for all but yet the weak continue to live with weakness and the poor continue to be poor. If you are disadvantaged like many around the world I want to assure you as of today that it is time to change this for good. It is time to remove the scathe of injury and to bathe in the glory of victory. Don’t feel sullen or fallen. Don’t hesitate to leap forward. Don’t sit in the corner and torture yourself, become a modern day earner and start feeling stronger. Open the doors to opportunities and close the doors to insecurities. Start tomorrow with a defined plan and end it with accomplishment and fulfilment. Understand what needs to be done and then do it. Raise the bar as per your needs and bring joy to your heart and soul. I wish you a wonderful and successful working week ahead of you. Take good care 

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