Thursday, 14 July 2016

The Light of your Life

Quote of the day

‘What you make of your life determines how beautiful life becomes for you, from a simple poppy to a heavenly body. All things bright under the floodlight of your daylight, nightlight, twilight, limelight and midnight will ignite passion in your blood and bring delight to your heart.’

Welcome to the 14th day of July 2016. It is a pleasure and honour to welcome you to an inspirational channel of hope. Almost 22 years ago I was all alone, with no real friends like you today and no instant access to inspiration like the AIM Academy. Friends that I once knew filtered away into the darkness of the day. Families became scarce and stayed away for their own reasons. Professionals that sought my patronage became unprofessional in their ethics and their magnetics. Banks did not want to know me because I had no real value. Doors where often closed to me, floors were restricted and stores were too expensive. I was all alone until I saw an aperture of hope, like a distant light in the darkness of the cosmos. It was this light that became the light of my life. It still shines in my heart and brings to me new friends like you. It made me reconstruct my life from scratch by showing me beauty like never before. Why am I telling you this? I am telling this because I know exactly how you must feel when you have lost hope to cope. I know exactly how you feel when you are ill and on the pill, hungry and angry, weary and dreary and abused and confused. Today I want to remind you of the light of your life, shining in the distant waiting for you to make that special connection. I want you to latch onto hope with the power to cope, to become well and under a magic spell, to be nourished with power and to find joy and happiness once more. What you make of the next second will determine the outcome for the rest of your life. You can create beauty from a personal palette of imagination and you can create ample wealth and good health on a canvas of creativity. All things will become bright once more under any circumstances that comes upon you. Live your life from now on, I shall be here to guide you to the next day and the day after. This is my solemn promise. I was once given a chance, now it is my solemn duty to give others an equal chance. With love from your eternal friend – Anthony. Tomorrow’s article is called ‘The Magical Road to personal Success.’

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