Friday, 22 July 2016

Be Careful in order to remain Cheerful

Be Careful and Cheerful

Quote of the day

‘To make the most of your life on Earth you need to remain careful and cheerful at all times. It’s a hard task but it certainly is a prerequisite to remain healthy, wealthy and prosperous throughout your centennial life on Earth.’

Welcome to the penultimate Friday of July 2016. Are you feeling cheerful and exercising a fundamental law of success and that is to be careful? To be cheerful is a hard but manageable task. The overall result of being cheerful is that you will always be happy and less snappy. Being careful will always ensure that the next second bestowed upon you shall remain relatively calm, more collective and highly effective. Why is it that we lack the ability to remain careful and cheerful? Why do we risk our happiness to live with sadness instead? The main reason for this is that instead of focussing on our own goals we focus too much on other people’s goals. We spoke recently about the importance of dreams and how a selective dream can change your life for the common good. That selective dream that you conjured up is generally made up of selective footage that you captured over a period of time. You saw a collection of cars for example and then captured relevant footage to create the stimulus to get a similar or same car. To achieve such a goal requires you to be careful and cheerful. To be careful is to ensure that you focus on that particular goal and nothing more. Most of us stumble and instead spend time focussing on other people’s goals. Speaking to the wrong people can lead you astray too. Carefulness is about being cautious, vigilant, developing wisdom, forming better judgements and making sense of nonsense. When you lack the ability to be careful you lose the capability to remain cheerful. What happens is that your mind switches to irrelevance. Irrelevance is about diversion, yes diversion from the subject matter at hand to the incorrect chatter that floats in the air. As a result, we become embroiled, we boil for no reason and we spoil golden opportunities available to us. Stay away from irrelevance and focus on relevance. Focus on your goals and keep a smile gleaming in your face at all times. Don’t let your opponents become aware of your weaknesses.  Develop your strengths. Show them that you are focused and cheerful.

Bonus Quote

‘To be and remain collective helps you in the long run to be selective, directive, protective and effective, irrespective of how people react to you.’

Application Quote 1

‘Always aim to please rather than blame to displease.’

Application Quote 2

‘Be careful in order to remain cheerful.’

Dear Friends, I wish you a wonderful Friday from the bottom of my heart and may you be cheerful and careful at all times. Always make it your duty to read my blogs for the full articles and offers. or  

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