Sunday, 24 July 2016

Your Ultimate Goal

Your Ultimate Goal

Quote of the Weekend

‘The Ultimate Goal has to be rated to live onto 100 years and then to move onto another 100 years and another 100 years and possibly another until it is time to take on a new role based on your previous accreditations. Many like to become angels and saints to help in a different way. Some prefer to be divine Scientists that help in creating new divine architectural plans for a new galaxy or new life formations. Life is indeed interesting, from a living being to an infinite one.’

A very, very cordial welcome to a blessed Sunday morning where the petals of the Summer blossom gently open to start a new revolution. It is a morning of a great and perpetual Sunday, filling the air with aspiration, inspiration, motivation, sensation, admiration and celebration in the usual way. You can feel the celebration when you know that you are here on planet Earth living, giving and forgiving. The zest and will to live is by far the most important aspect of any individual. To live another day is a gracious gift bestowed upon you. To live eternally is the most precious gift ever bestowed upon you. Do you remember the formula of life that I always reminded you of?

Application Quote

The Formula of life on planet Earth is as follows: Your Earthly Existence = 100 – YA. (YA stands for Your Age)

In my case scenario I am 57 years of age and therefore my remaining time on planet earth will be 100 – 57 = 43. 43 years is made up of 15,695 days. Each day is made up of 86,400 seconds. No commodity, precious metal or gemstone could replace this time.

Bonus Quote

‘You’ve got it, now allot to specific time segments, sought your day into meaningful tasks and jot every letter, word or sentence that is relevant to your existence.’

Application Quote 2

‘Today I want you to realise that your goals are always linked to your souls and never your roles. Our soul is eternal and our role is only temporary. Today you can identify your role, in ten years’ time you might know what your role is but how many of you will know what they roles will be in a 100 years from now?’

Many of us are too embroiled in materialistic goals. We seek financial compensation for a service, product or both. We save for tomorrow and we collect after retirement. Our goals are very limited. Today I want you to start broadening your goals. I want you to focus not just on your purpose in life but on your multipurpose life. When we become focussed on our purpose in life we become too materialistic. A multipurpose life focusses on everything. Primarily such a lifestyle is about caring, sharing and remaining fair. It is about living and enjoying living all the way and every second of such a worthy life is accountable. On an earthly plain your life should be divided into decades. With ten decades at your disposal there is so much you can actually do. Each decade in your life will show an achievement, an excitement, an assignment, a fulfilment, a requirement and an attainment. Anatomically you are changing too from a toddler to a youth, an adult, a worker, a parent, a grandparent and then onto retirement. On a divine plain your life should be divided into decades as well because if you choose to continue the cycle then imprint it in your mind and in your soul. Don’t limit your goals to an earthly life, go beyond that. Reach for the stars, touch them and become enlighten with new knowledge. Dear Friends, I urge you to love your life and to live your life every second of the day. I want you to be limitless with your goals.

Special Quote

‘Believe in yourself, achieve whatever is unselfish, perceive new knowledge and receive wisdom at the end of it, retrieve the constant desire to live on, interweave with your fellowmen and women, leave all grievances behind you and conceive a new plan of action that will start tomorrow and never end.’

Have a wonderful Sunday, with love and best wishes from your eternal friend, Anthony

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