Saturday, 30 July 2016

The LIPS Effect

The LIPS Effect

Quote of the day

‘Drifting like a log downstream on a meandering river with the intention to do well will always result in accomplishment and fulfilment. To effectively do this you need to apply the LIPS Effect which is made up of Liveliness, Illustriousness, Peacefulness and Selflessness. To set the balance on these 4 words you need to adjust your temperament in the early hours of the morning.’

Welcome to your weekend, the final one of July 2016. Did you enjoy my inspirational content during the month of July? It was all about Relativity. The Theory of Relativity states that all individuals respond to external stimuli to determine their success rate. Ideally, you should start your day by responding to what confronts you. If it is raining you then need to carry an umbrella with you. If you are sad you need to polarise your emotions and turn it to a happier one. To do this you need to assess what is making you sad. It is all about responding to external stimuli and polarising a negative response into a positive one. To extenuate this effect, I suggest applying the LIPS Effect. This concept uses four words to assess your temperament in the early hours of the morning. The first word is Liveliness. Liveliness is a response to Laziness. What makes you lazy? Did you overeat last night? Are you not goal orientated? Where is your passion and desire level set at? Do you feel a sense of rejection? Good actions always yield good reactions. If you are not goal orientated, then you need to find a cluster of goals that suits you. The second word usually sets the ball in motion. This word is Illustriousness. Illustriousness is about building a good reputation. It is about getting or being awarded a good character. Who else can award you such an accolade but yourself? Look into the mirror and you will see the obvious but often ignored distinctive characterisation that you already have. Always remember that you are indeed wonderful, beautiful, cheerful, helpful, graceful, successful, skilful, youthful and zestful. The only difference is that you are not appreciating yourself. You are allowing other people to judge you. I say onto you, look for the positives in you at all times. Let them out. Feel bubbly, refined and willing to take on the next 24 hours. The third word is peacefulness. You need to remain calm, serene and repose. Your mind must be able to communicate with your body and your body needs to respond. Your soul needs to be in tune with your mind and your body resonating at a set frequency that brings harmony throughout your day. Finally, you need to be selfless at all times. It is indeed a hard act to follow. The reason for this is that we do not get rewarded for our gallant efforts and it makes us feel unappreciated. I say onto you and verily too don’t seek rewards on Earth for your rewards are waiting for you in the kingdom of Heaven. If people don’t recognise your nobility and your generosity it does not really matter. What matters is that you need to be selfless at all times. Combining these four power words in the way prescribed will help you remain in an orderly temperament. I wish you well in the penultimate day of July 2016. Tomorrow’s article is called ‘Reflections in July Create Affections in August’.

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