Friday, 29 July 2016

The MIDS Effect.

The MIDS Effect.

Quote of the day

‘A Jetstream of constant agitations in all areas of your daily grind will never make you fully accomplished and fulfilled. The usual feelings of your day will be one of madness, idleness, drabness and sadness. This is a typical conclusion of the MIDS Effect.’

Welcome to the final day of your working week and the final working week of July 2016. It is great to have you on board. Are you looking forward to the month of August – the month of Hyperactivity. A daily grind of agitation is a definite no-no for any meritocratic goal setter. Time is always their most precious gift. All meritocratic goal setters acknowledge and understand this and therefore manage their time accordingly. They know well what a life of agitation is and the consequences of perusing it. Agitation is the foundation to the MIDS Effect, The MIDS Effect denotes a life of madness, idleness, drabness and sadness. Madness is insanity at work, at home or on the streets. It is a period of your time which is wasted resulting in exercises of foolishness and stupidity. Foolish behaviour denotes an action by an individual that is completely thoughtless. It shows streaks of carelessness, absentmindedness and unkindness to another individual generally has a result of hastiness. Idleness on the other hand is a period of sheer laziness by the individual where the value of time goes by unnoticed. A mad day and an idle day form the perfect dough to create drabness in your life. Do you feel cheerless and bored? If so, try to examine your temperament. It will usually show that you are mad about something or lacking liveliness. Finally swimming in a pool of madness, idleness and drabness will often make you very sad at the end of your day.  You will feel regretful and often ask but why did I do that. Dear Friends you need to switch from the MIDS Effect to the LIPS Effect to achieve a positive result. You need to start your day understanding your temperament and to understand what is bothering you. Join me tomorrow for the LIPS Effect. Have a great evening.

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