Saturday, 16 July 2016

Success comes from all corners of the globe

Success comes from all corners of the globe

Quote of the weekend

‘Success in life comes from all corners of the globe, without people there is no real success. To succeed in life, you need people as much as they need you. Therefore, I urge you to create friends and eliminate enemies.’

Welcome to your exclusive weekend. I hope that you are enjoying it to the best of your ability. Individual Success is our general theme at Universally Friendly in order to create long-term success for all. In order to achieve overall success, you need to establish individual success. There is a difference between the two, although both are exclusive they are also inclusive. Overall Success is when everyone in the planet lives a life of good health, ample wealth and prosperity. This is exclusive success. Individual Success is a private analysis of one’s own health, wealth and prosperity. Also called inclusive success it tabulates individual needs over a period of 100 years. Every individual is different in their needs although they are fundamentally the same. What my mind is pondering on for my individual needs at this precise moment maybe totally different to you, him, her or them. However, in order for me to succeed I need you, him, her or them. Without the support of 7 billion people across the globe my needs may never materialise. To start achieving my needs or collective goals I need people from across the globe to help me, to do this I need to create instant friends and reduce long term enemies. People will always help if you are always willing to help them. Success cannot be just for a handful, it is meant for everyone. Success is not quantified in dollar and cents. Success is quantified in terms of happiness. If you are totally happy then you are totally successful. As you sow the seeds of success into the fertile soil of your occupancy you will reap what you sow. The seeds of success are made up of the following letters to create the word FRIENDSHIP. Each letter represents a power word. These words are: Friends, Real Goals, Inspiration, Endurance, Nutrition, Dreams, Sacrifice, Happiness, Imagination and Patience. Tomorrow’s article is called ‘The Seeds of Success’ where I shall explore these 10 power words with you. I wish you success in all that you do, say or think. I wish you success knowing that you have 7 billion friends behind you.

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