Saturday, 9 July 2016

Gravitational Attraction

Gravitational Attraction

Quote of the day

‘Gravitational Attraction or GA is your friendly power source to attract things towards you. Like GA you need to attract and not let go. You need to attract hope in order to build confidence, you need to attract love in order to build passion, you need to attract success in order to overcome failure and you to attract happiness in order to overcome sadness.’

Welcome to your weekend, a period of 48 hours or to be precise and illustrative 172800 seconds. If I gave you £172800 would that change your life. GOD gives you life and ordains you with 52 weekends a year and 5200 weekends in a lifetime. With this valuable and precious time, you could etch into the face of the earth your humane presence and your humane importance. Dear Friends, never lose hope, always set forth to attract like GA or Gravitational Attraction confidence in your heart. Let your heart pulsate with a rhythmic flow of surety, purity and utmost divinity.  Let your toes tingle with the intent to take the next step in a vote to succeed. Let goose pimples cover your lower arms with the resonance of harmony, glorification and endurance to make the next second in your life better and better. GA never let’s go, if it does we shall float like balloons in the sky bouncing off each other without a purpose. GA attracts the smallest particle or the heaviest particle. Ask the ant or the elephant and they will tell you that without GA they will be bouncing off each other in space. Dear Friends, you need to attract the opposites of negativity to attain positivity. Sadness for happiness, hate for love and so on. Don’t give up on a dream, keep trying and trying. You cannot replace hard work, it is the known substance to create sustenance.  Make sacrifices, avoid paying high prices and eliminate unnecessary devices that siphons funds from your pocket. Go the extra mile. Work with a genuine smile. Create a new and noted style. Compile a daily agenda which will constitute your profile. Make your life worthwhile, don’t be hostile or immobile try to be versatile. Create a swap file. Use this file to exchange boring ideas and use to tweak existing ideas. Make a change and feel the change. Carry love in your heart like a lit candle in the darkness of confusion, at least you will know exactly where you are going. Carry a notepad in your top pocket and use it to learn, earn and yearn. Never let go be like the force of GA, attract at all times. Have a wonderful weekend, enjoy it to the best of your ability and awaken to the sound of a new working week with the power to accomplish.

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