Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Eternal Bond

Eternal Bond

Quote of the day

‘An Eternal Bond or EB is a pledge made between a man and a woman. It forms an eternal relationship that creates new episode in the history of mankind of an unprecedented level and paves a path towards personal victory and untainted mystery for themselves, for their offspring and for the population as a whole.’

Welcome to the 26th day of July 2016. Always make it a daily habit to log onto my blog for complete articles and special offers. www.inspirationalgalleries.blogspot.co.uk. Today I would like to talk about EB or Eternal Bond. GOD’s plan for marriage is one man for one woman for a lifetime. This is why we ceremonially commit to such a bond in a church, mosque, synagogue or temple. To commit to such a bond, you need to mixture of subtle ingredients to ensure strength, vitality and longevity. Like mixing concrete for a strong foundation you need key ingredients to make a sound and solid foundation. It is sinful to break such a bond unless circumstances changes for the individual. The key ingredients to a strong bond are Love, Endurance and Trust. I call this the LET Principle. Do we LET things to happen of their own accord or do we mix the right ingredients to form a permanent bond? The LET principle will always decades of togetherness despite problems and contingences along the way. The LET Principle ensures that both man and woman understand wholeheartedly that Love, Endurance and Trust are paramount to a permanent bond. Love is by far the most difficult ingredient to sort because standing parallel to this is Lust. Most of us confuse the two. Love is long term ingredient, lust on the hand is short term desire. Love is about caring, sharing and remaining fair. Lust on the other hand is about not caring, not sharing and not remaining fair. If you can conform to the principles of love you are almost ready to commit. What follows is Endurance and Trust. Endurance is your staying power when the going gets tough. It is your overall fortitude to overcome hurdles in your life, difficulties over your lifespan and problems with your children and with other people. Trust is such a delicate category. To establish Trust you need to follow this proven sequence: Trust Almighty GOD, Trust Yourself and then find a Partner that you can Trust. To have Trust you also must be forgiving. Trust reinforces your confidence in both you and your partner. Always ensure that in your Vision Book you create a portfolio to include the LET Principle. The enclosed photograph into today’s article is an example of this. Many of us will ask how do we strengthen a weakening relationship? Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls a separate article on this matter will follow soon. I wish you a marvellous Tuesday from the bottom of my heart. Always believe in yourself, always believe in your partner and always believe in Almighty GOD. For HIS plans have created the platform for us to subsist. GOD’s Plan always has a divine purpose.

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