Sunday, 10 July 2016

The Monday Morning Surfer - MMS

The Monday Morning Surfer - MMS

Quote of the day

‘If you unlock the door to a new working week with the zest to manifest into a successful accomplisher of all your weekly tasks then I award you with the accolade of The Monday Morning Surfer or MMS. MMS Individuals focus on succeeding. They take their rest over the weekends and are ready to work at the start of a new working week. MMS are surfers that are acclaimed workers, learners and servers.’

A very, very good morning to you from me, Anthony PAN in a quiet and peaceful Sunday morning in good old London town. It is indeed a warm pleasure to embrace your presence on this superb day of universal rest and universal relaxation. Today I want to steer you onto a brighter and lighter working week ahead of you. To do this I want you to become The Monday Morning Surfer – MMS. The Monday Morning Surfer – MMS is the successful individual that wakens to a start of a new working week with an apparel of zest. They take their 48 hours to revive their mental and physical stature and blossom at the crack of dawn on Monday morning as an MSS. They know well that they have a job to do. They are meritocratic individuals that work, learn and serve. They do this with constant passion and desire and their enthusiasm levels never fall below a certain level of competence. They are the MMS’s of the modern world. They change the face of the modern world with a threesome application. This threesome application is simple and consistent. It consists of working, learning and serving with noted passion and desire. A working individual is focussed on getting on with his or her daily tasks in a mannerism that surpasses ordinary standards of performance. MSS Individuals manage their time in a profitable manner for time is always their greatest asset. As a result, at the end of each working day of their precious lives they seek to accomplish and fulfil their tasks unselfishly. They are the surfers of the modern world. They enjoy what they do and they do it to deliver enjoyment to others too. They are also learners too, learning to overcome new adversaries in life and learning to avoid old adversaries that might have been painful exercises in the past. They learn to earn. They learn new words, new techniques, new applications, new languages and general knowledge. As they learn they become wiser. They are also servers. They serve to maintain the world at large. They care for the plants and the animals. They care for the climate, for the forests, for the weak and for the meek. They enjoy their lives wholeheartedly. Every second of their lives is accountable like an accountant that accounts for all the expenditure and profits of his or her company. Dear Friends, I want you to ponder on the start of your new working week with a different sense of passion and desire.  I want you to become a good worker, a good learner and a good server. I want you to accept the award of an MSS. Have a great Sunday.

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